Perfect Game arrives in the Dominican Republic as a new path to MLB

More than eighty baseball prospects gathered at the Quisqueya Juan Marichal Stadium for the first day of practice for the event

Dominican Republic is the largest producer of talent for Big leagues out of the U.S. More than 800 debuts in nearly 70 years (since the first Dominican debuted in MLB), are proof that the valuation of Dominican talent is quite high in the “big top”. Similarly, more than 150 players on a 40-man roster within the 30 MLB teams are another proof that the Dominican player is a symbol of quality on the field of play.

However, getting to Big leagues It is an extremely complicated challenge for young Dominicans who pursue that dream. Among the hundreds of players who year after year try to obtain bonuses from international signings to reach an MLB team, as well as the precariousness that exists in a system that is managed in obscure ways between parents, coaches, buscones and has come to report that even sometimes, you listen to the teams, achieving the dream of being a major leaguer is reserved for very few athletes.

Starting Tuesday, February 8 and until the 10th, in the capital of the Dominican Republic will be taking place the event called Perfect Game for the first time in history. It is an event that brings together listeners from the 30 teams of MLBas well as the organizers to evaluate the talent of dozens of young people who pursue the dream of reaching Big leagues.

During the first day, ESPNDigital had access to the activities where a total of 84 prospects made an appearance to take different types of practices and demonstrate their skills. The activity will also have exhibition games where each of the players will have the opportunity to face real game situations with which they will be evaluated by the scouts present.

During the month of January, an extraordinary window of international firms was opened as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19but it is expected that the calendar will return to normal and that again, on July 2, new players will join the ranks of the 30 squads of MLB. Perfect Game It gives those talents the opportunity to have a new platform to show what they can do.

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Perfect Game arrives in the Dominican Republic as a new path to MLB