Pedro Martínez’s favorites to win the MVP

Despite being an activity that focused on highlighting the construction of the educational and sports complex in Manoguayabo as a result of an agreement between the foundation that bears his name and the Dominican Government, not talking about Major League Baseball with the member of the Hall of Fame Pedro Martínez, was an irresistible offer for members of the press.

Reporters reached out to the Cooperstown immortal, who also serves as an analyst for MLB Network, to ask him about his favorites to win the “Most Valuable Player” or MVP trophy, both in the league. American as in the National League.

“In the National League I think that between Fernando Tatis Jr, Bryce Harper and Juan Soto they are in the fight, mine until now is still either Tatis or Juan Soto, we know that Harper has made a great effort to reach the MVP as well but I would like it to be one of mine, a Fernando Tatis or a Juan Soto to bring it to him, ”said Pedro.

Tatis Jr has an offensive line of .283 batting average, 42 homers, 97 RBIs, 99 runs scored, 25 stolen bases and .981 OPS for a 6.6 win over replacement level (or WAR). according to Baseball Reference; Harper is hitting .308 with 35 full-lap hits, 84 RBIs, 100 runs, and a 1.043 OPS for a 5.8 WAR; Juan Soto has a .317 average, 29 homers, 94 RBIs, 110 runs scored, with 144 walks received with just 88 strikeouts for a 1.011 OPS and 7.2 WAR.

“In the American League I like Vladdy, Salvador Pérez and Ohtani, Ohtani has done something that nobody in this life or at least in my career had been able to face and I must give him credit for that but I also understand that the value they have had Vladimir Guerrero Jr and Salvador Pérez, despite being in a team that has not arrived is also very important but I would like Vladdy, my godson to bring it to him, ”exclaimed the former Major League Baseball player who entered the Hall of Fame in 2015.

Shohei Ohtani has an offensive line of .258 average, 45 homers, 99 RBIs, 101 scored, 26 stolen bases, eight triples for a .960 OPS, while as a pitcher he finished with a mark of nine wins and only two losses in 23 Outs as a starting pitcher with 156 strikeouts in 130 2/3 innings and a 3.18 ERA, the Baseball Reference estimate gives him an 8.9 WAR.

Guerrero Jr is hitting .310, 46 homers, 107 RBIs, 120 runs scored, 185 hits for a .992 OPS and 6.5 WAR; while Pérez has a .275 average line, 48 homers, which place him as a leader in both leagues and as a mark for a receiver in Major League history; 121 RBIs and 87 scored for an .865 OPS and 5.4 WAR.