Pavel Otero ASSURED on National TV that “those traffickers only seek to ridicule Team Cuba” (+ VIDEO)

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

In the sports segment of the Stellar Broadcast of the National Newscast of Cuban Television, corresponding to this Tuesday, September 28, the official Cuban journalist, Pavel Otero, again transmitted a message full of hatred, loaded with cheap politics and disinformation to the viewers of that space that, day after day, loses what little credibility it has left among its viewers.

After informing viewers about the result of the match of the day between Cuba and the Dominican Republic, settled with a victory for the Antilleans with a score of 6-2, a success that earned him to be included in the Super Round of the III U23 Baseball World Cup, Otero gave way to some interviews conducted by Guillermo Rodríguez, from Radio Rebelde, who covers the tournament for the Cuban press.

“I felt pretty good and very excited. I want to thank the director for giving me the confidence to go out and launch this game. I focused a lot on striking out on the first pitch and taking advantage of that, ”confessed left-hander from Matanzas Naykel Cruz, victorious starter for the Greater Antilles team.

“The Dominican Republic is a team that throws a lot at the ball, I tried to get ahead (of the batters) and made pitches that were in the zone so that they would connect and make fewer pitches in the inning,” added Cruz.

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The Camagüey infielder, Yandi Yanez, also gave an account of his happiness with the result achieved by the group.

“This has been very big for me because it is the first Cuban team that I make, hopefully many more will come, but so far everything has been good for the team because they qualified and the people did not count on us. We took the step forward, things have worked out and now we are going to Hermosillo to do our best and get a good result to be among the top three in the World Cup, “he said.

Regarding the gradual improvement of his offensive performance, the Agramontino added: “In the first games of the first championship that one has, you always come out a little pressured, but little by little you let go and the result comes out, Thank God”

Eriel Sánchez, team manager, reiterated the team’s commitment to seek a medal in the World Cup and highlighted the performance of the players against a rival like the Dominican, who also wanted to go to the second phase.

“It is no secret to anyone that we are seeing our team in good shape. We are in a position to discuss what we actually came here to look for, ”Eriel emphasized. “All these boys must be recognized for the effort they are making and we are asking for it every day. (…) Keep trusting this team that we are going to give everything on the field and we are not going to deliver anything, “he added.

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However, outside the sports field and making use of his usual rhetoric, hackneyed phrases and mixing politics with sports, as the faithful exponents of the Cuban official media to which we make free press usually accuse, Pavel closed the segment with some words out of context, tone and place, reaffirming that he is very distant from that young boy who started on Radio COCO and that I had the pleasure of meeting, simple, modest, jovial and consistent with reality. A shame of transformation towards the negative, towards the position of disguising the truth and transmitting what is not really happening, to sustain the already precarious roots of a system that is falling apart.

“It is no secret to anyone that this Cuban baseball team is facing one of the most hostile scenarios in the history of our sports movement,” said Pavel, beginning his speech, before reporting on the abandonment of the pinero pitcher, Yeiniel Zayas, seventh player to escape from the Cuba team who plays the World Cup in Mexico, a record figure.

“Do not doubt that those unscrupulous traffickers of people, at the service of the enemies of the revolution, will continue to insist. The least that matters to them is that those players succeed, the only thing that matters to those merchants is their money and their bosses, those who pay for these maneuvers, even less care about the future of our athletes, “added the journalist.

«They only seek to ridicule our team and, consequently, our country, but, despite that harassment, our team qualified for the Super Round and we are going to fight for a medal, which would now be much more valuable than any other. I hope they get it and if not, we are going to receive them with tremendous pride and with the respect and affection that those who have stood firm deserve, “he concluded.

Obviously, those who make the greatest ridicule are the members of the Cuban official press, who strike out without throwing a ball that is coming at more than 100 mph and without warning batting. It is enough to ask the athletes themselves to know their feelings and the truth of the facts.

And you, dear reader, what do you think about it?