PARTIDAZO of Cuba ends in extrainnings and they can still go for the Bronze

Andy Lans / @SportsAndy

A dramatic comeback from Cuba against Panama with a score of 9X8 maintains the hopes of the Caribbean to access the duel for the bronze metal in the III U23 Baseball World Cup.

The Canaleros came out ahead 2 × 0 with a home run down Rhandall Sánchez’s left field in the second inning. The ball seemed to disappear from foul, but the claim of the Cuban side did not prosper.

The 3 × 0 in favor of the Panamanians came in the next inning by a double RBI from Erick Mordock, and the 5 × 0, was brought by Adrián Montero with a single in the fourth inning to decree the departure of Pinar del Río starter Frank Abel Álvarez.

Those coached by Eriel Sánchez wasted scoring opportunities from the very opening inning when forward Loidel Chapellí Jr. (2-for-4, 3B, CA) hit a triple and the next three hitters couldn’t bring it up.

Cuba 🇨🇺 put a runner in 3rd without out with this TRIPLE by Loidel Chapellí Jr. but could not score. By winning this afternoon’s match, they will be included in the discussion for 3rd place. 🎥 @WBSC
# U23WorldCup

In the second and third inning, the Antilleans left four corridors in circulation. However, a bases-loaded tubey of designated Rodoleisis Moreno in the bottom of the fourth inning cleared the pads to bring the Cubans 5-3 closer.

Then, a cannon shot from Guillermo García closed the game 4 × 5 and an error by the Panamanian third baseman on a hit by Yuddiel González led to the tie 5 × 5.

At the top of the sixth inning, a throwing error by Creole third baseman Yandi Yánez (2-of-4, 2B, 2 AC) put Jason Patterson on the line. The designated channel manager scored the 6 × 5 with fly sacrifice to shortstop Joshwan Wright Yanez opened the bottom of the sixth inning with a line double between left and center field, reached third with a sacrifice by Iván Prieto and touched the home with a sacrifice fly by Rangel Ramos.

Yandi Yánez 🇨🇺 led to Panama’s sixth career with an error, but opened with a double in the ninth inning and scored hands-on at home plate to tie it 6 × 6. The ball gives revenge! # U23WorldCup

On extra-inning, the Panamanians put the 8 × 6 with tiebreaker rule. However, at the conclusion of the eighth episode, Rangel Ramos discounted one for Cuba thanks to a wild pitch of the rival closer, a play that was initially declared out at the plate but that the replay confirmed the Antillean score. Moments later, Guillermo García pushed Rodo Moreno in a play of fielders choice to equalize the match and the Avilanian Yuddiel González decided in a spectacular way with hit to the right meadow, the second time that he is a key piece for the Cuba team in the World Cup

Bryan Chi won the match in relief role. The right-hander from the capital launched 4.1 innings with three hits and an equal amount of dirty lines against him. He fanned four rivals without receiving tickets, and made 58 hits to the plate.

The victory against the canaleros gives Cuba several possibilities to dispute a bronze medal. A first variant consists of Venezuela defeating Taiwan and Mexico defeating Colombia, thus a double tie with the Panamanians would occur, favorable to Cuba for the aforementioned victory. In the event that locals and Taiwanese prevail over coffee growers and Venezuelans respectively, there would be a triple tie between Cuba, Panama and Chinese Taipei where the Greater Island of the Antilles would get the best part. If Mexico loses and the Asians win, there would be a quadruple tie between Mexico, Taipei, Panama and Cuba, also beneficial for the Four Letters.