PARET SPOKE: “How do you tell a son that you don’t bring him even a pair of shoes from the trip?”

By Migue Guerra

The massive escape of Cuban players in the U23 World Cup has been a topic in social networks and official and independent media, since it represents a record number of players who leave a Cuban delegation.

We are sure that the endless list of players escaping national teams or simply leaving the country is still far from over. This is an issue known to many and it is something that has happened for years, marking several generations of Cubans who suffered from the fact of not knowing what was happening with their favorite players, because they did not see them play suddenly or their names were censored in official media. .

But this situation does not end there, we know that Cuban players are restricted when they participate in international events, where the authorities of the delegations limit their mobility in order to prevent them from leaving the team in search of a better future.

On the subject, in one of our night shows we had the opportunity to chat with star shortstop Eduardo Paret, who told us about his own experience how he and his colleagues suffered these circumstances when he participated in events outside of Cuba, especially in the United States.

“When you came here, to the United States, it was more difficult. I remember in the First World Classic, where I arrived at a certain age, where was I going to go? … I remember that Polanco the Dominican was inviting us to lunch, I had to say no, because he couldn’t “

“They have told me that he has already changed a bit in that sense with the players, but I don’t know. I think that the authorities should try to relax a bit so that they play loose. You always want to go out and meet. “

“In the old days when I started the Cuba team, one would go out, when we went to Mexico City, we would go to Tepito and places, they gave you more confidence when all the players were there, in the 90s and something when I started. Later, when I started the Cuba team in 2000, if it was completely closed, they wouldn’t let you leave and there are people who do. What’s more. How do you tell a son that you don’t bring him a pair of shoes from the trip? “

Asked whether there was that kind of pressure to win the daily game and not be able to get out, Paret replied:

“Yes, they always tell you that you have to win and in the case of the starts, you want to go out, if it affects you because sometimes you need to refresh. It is not the same as being told: you have to be here at 3 pm, everyone to go to a store at the same time. You want to go out and meet. “

“The one who is going to stay, that is in his head, you understand me. I say that it does affect that gate there. “

Find out about all the words of Eduardo Paret and his story regarding the economic issue and tobacco boxes, in the following video:

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