Padres’ troubles can be costly for Jayce Tingler

The second-year manager has been involved in two incidents that force questioning if he is the right man to take the reins of the San Diego team

San Diego Padres it is in free fall. After spending a good stretch of the season competing for the supremacy of the western division of the National League and within the qualifying positions of Wild card, the team is currently in the middle of a crisis in which nothing is going well for them.

The Parents They are four games from the second Wild card Qualifier and the way they have been playing, losing eight of their last ten games, shows that the team is in trouble. Amid all the chaos, the two main stars of the team had a confrontation in the middle of the game over the weekend. Captured by the cameras of the fans, it was possible to see Manny machado yell at Fernando Tatis Jr. in which it is assumed (since the protagonists have not given the context of the discussion) that it all began with the latter’s frustration with the arbitration calls in an important series against St. Louis Cardinals.

Obviously, the leader Jayce tingler tried to establish that everything was in order and that the situations that led to this discussion would be left behind closed doors, but it is clear that frustration has gripped the Parents.

A manager’s job is not just about executing strategies on the field and managing the staff of players at his disposal, which Tingler He has done well to achieve a postseason qualification in 2020 and to fight for the whole year to come back in 2021. However, given that he has had two episodes in which his role in managing players has been called into question, many begin to wondering if the American is the ideal man to take the reins of the whole.

Tingler came under fire by publicly criticizing Tatis Jr. for hitting a home run with the bases loaded into account of three balls without strikes during 2020. This, added to the outburst of which they were protagonists “The child” and “The minister”Indicates that there is a problem of temperament management within the group.

According to an article published by the San Diego Tribune, the problems derived from the situation in which the Parents have been around for weeks and what happened with Tatis Jr., as well as his frustrations for not being able to help the team further, were addressed on more than one occasion, according to the aforementioned report.

In fact, the article goes further by indicating that sources within the squad indicate that “some in the organization believe that the discussion in the dugout (between Machado and Tatis Jr.) is the latest example of why the team needs a new voice and influence in the leadership position”.

These reports, added to the two incidents that have been seen publicly, with two players worth more than 300 million dollars, suggest that “something stinks in san diego”And if the Parents they do not classify, Jayce tingler will be the one who pays for the broken dishes.