Osvaldo Virgil, forever number one

The 65th anniversary of the debut of “El Oégano”, the first Dominican to play for a Major League team in history

We have Hall of Fame, MVPs, Cy Young winners, Rookies of the Year, Coaches of the Year, managers and umpires, but none of them have what I do, number one.”. These have been repeatedly the words of the immortal, Osvaldo “El Oégano” Virgil and the reason will always be with you every time you repeat them.

A day like today, but from the year 1956, Osvaldo virgil would be uniformed for the New York Giants and in the process he would become the first Dominican in history to play for a club of Big leagues. Virgil He only played three games in that year, but thanks to his work, professional baseball in the United States set its eyes on him. Dominican Republic for the first time and his influence would be vital for 843 other Dominicans to fulfill their dream of playing for MLB.

Without Virgil There is not Juan Marichal, There is not Pedro Martinez and there is not Vladimir Guerrero, the three members of the Cooperstown Hall of Fame with which the country has at the moment. Without their influence we couldn’t enjoy what young stars like Fernando Tatis Jr. or Vladimir Guerrero Jr., because it all started with the Dominican flavor that the native of Monte Cristi put to baseball Big leagues.

Importantly, it is not about the numbers, the race Big leagues from Virgil, although nine years old, does not have huge statistics. The point is that, thanks to his arrival, the doors were knocked down so that the Dominican talent was appreciated and valued in MLBTherefore, between his debut and 1963, only seven years after he arrived, another nine Dominicans were hired in the “Big tent”, Among which are included some of the biggest names in Dominican ball.

September 23, 1956 will forever be a date that will mark the history of baseball in Big leagues And it all started with a man, the one who started playing professionally in the Dominican Republic in 1955 and only four years later made his MLB debut.

There is not Dominican Republic on MLB without mentioning the name of Osvaldo “El Oégano” Virgil, forever number one.