Oscar Macías RETURNED TO JAIL for physical assault, at gunpoint

By Full Swing

Last Monday Swing Completo had taken out a note asking whoever had information about the prominent Cuban ex-player Oscar Macías to provide it to us, since for months teammates in the past and multiple fans, they asked us about the whereabouts of who was considered at the time as one of the most respected hitters on the ball in Cuba.

The main cause, in addition to giving an answer to those who had asked us about the issue, was to try to carry out a campaign to help the Sydney 2000 Olympic runner-up, for which fans and players had already joined, dozens of players who even they shared land with Macías or had him as an idol, as he was one of the best of his time.

We immediately received countless public and private messages, and a high percentage agreed that they had seen it at some point in 2021 in the HomeDepot area of ​​127 and 88 in Kendall, Miami. Some even told us that they had had a very recent encounter with him, although without getting too close, since Macías had become quite an aggressive person.

In fact, that aggressiveness is what has brought him most of the problems in the United States, because according to a public report that they sent us this Friday (published by CibeCuba first), the tough slugger of the extinct Vaqueros de La Habana returned to prison in August of this year as a result of his violence. Basically the same reason why he had been imprisoned twice before. In April of last year, Macías had received parole after two years behind bars for aggressive behavior on public roads, and the same had happened before with his wife.

He is now detained in the Turnet Guilford Knight Correctional Center for the armed crime, masked and aggravated, according to the website of the city of Miami. Right there it is reported that he was bailed for $ 10,000 and charged with a felony in the second degree.

Macías has been detained exactly since August 22:

This is not the first time that the Cuban expelotero has been in jail, because according to the Florida Department of Corrections, on November 20, 2018 for armed robbery and battery, for which he was sentenced a year later (Case 1823324) and served 18 months, before being released on parole and supervised, by agent Jessica Ceide.


We reiterate that the original publication It was a question of a call to anyone who had news of Macias to inform him so that his status could be updated. While we never considered him missing, most of his contemporaries and followers did not know where he was and for that we released the aforementioned note, as we had previously done with the former Major League Baseball pitcher Gonzalo Naranjo, with whom we have happily already contacted.

In fact, our headline was “From a Cuban team player to a prisoner and a beggar in Miami”, two conditions that unfortunately have accompanied him.

Emphasis was placed on the interest of some of his teammates along with friends and even family so that he could move on, something that obviously and unfortunately he did not consider.

The main problem is that the 1998 world champion and owner of well-known statistics within Cuban baseball is in prison again, further aggravating his record and with a totally uncertain future.

For now, we will have to wait for him to get out of jail and see his immediate destiny, then try to try again some contribution to help him. We are not interested in promoting such delicate facts or in morally condemning a human being who, although he has been wrong many times with quite delicate actions, above all he needs medical and moral help to try to straighten his life and get out of this stage So black that he’s been in for years.