Ortiz and A-Rod come out with 37.5% in the first public ballots for Cooperstown

In the first released report of the Cooperstown Hall of Fame voting, in the class of 2022, Dominicans David Ortiz and Alex Rodríguez They lead 37.5%, in the table led by former third baseman Scott Rolen and former pitcher Curt Schilling, with 75%. The result of eight counted ballots is known.

Schilling receives votes even though he asked to be removed from the ballot, after it became known that last year none of the candidates, where he was listed, reached the minimum percentage for immortality.

It lacked 16 votes to reach the required amount. In his career he had 216 victories and 146 defeats, with a 3.46 ERA.

Rolen, who played for the Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, Toronto Blue Jays, and Cincinnati Reds made his major league debut in 1996, and in 1997 won the National League Rookie of the Year award. He hit .281 and drove in 1,287, hit 2,077 and scored 1,211 times.

Only three Dominicans are immortal in Cooperstown; Juan Marichal, Pedro Martínez and Vladimir Guerrero

The Dominicans Ortiz and Rodríguez race for the first time in search of being considered by the jury to achieve immortality. Another 17 players repeat on the Baseball Writers Association of North America (BBWAA) roster.

Others also making their debut on the ballot are Justin Morneau, Jimmy Rollins and Jake Peavy, who go alongside Carl Crawford, Prince Fielder, Joe Nathan, Jonathan Papelbon, AJ Pierzynski and Mark Teixeira. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens will have their tenth and final appearance on the BBWAA ballot.

They will do it along with Schilling, who lacked 16 votes to reach the minimum of 75% to be exalted. Schilling received 71.1% of the vote, Bonds reached 61.8% and Clemens reached 61.6%.

According to the report, this is how the vote goes:

Scott Rolen – 75.0%

Curt Schilling – 75.0% –

Barry Bonds – 62.5%

Roger Clemens – 62.5%

Todd Helton – 62.5%

Andruw Jones – 62.5%

Jeff Kent – 37.5%

David Ortiz – 37.5%

Alex Rodríguez- 37.5%

Bobby Abreu – 25.0%

Manny Ramírez – 25.0%

Sheffield – 25.0%

Sammy Sosa – 25.0%

Omar Vizquel – 25.0%

Billy Wagner – 25.0%


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Ortiz and A-Rod come out with 37.5% in the first public ballots for Cooperstown