Of streaks, bad times and why the Yankees don’t seem like a postseason team

The Bronx team is going through a losing streak that could jeopardize their qualification for the American League playoffs.

The 2021 season of New York Yankees It has been marked by streaks, positive and negative, by the inconsistency of batters and pitchers, by the unexpectedness of its results and mainly because a titanic work has been done to be able to predict which team will come out on the pitch, if the one who won thirteen back-to-back games just a few days ago or the one in the middle of a seven-game losing streak.

The Yankees They seem to have everything but something that is critically important to any team aiming to make the postseason and win the World Series, consistency. They have pitchers who have been able to get the job done, especially one of the strongest candidates for the award. Cy young of the American league, Gerrit cole. They have also had hitters who have positioned themselves as Player of the Week as was the case of Luke voit and despite the injuries, Aaron Judge has been as productive as ever, just like Giancarlo stanton, who in two moments of the season has been the hottest hitter in the American league.

However, just as everything is put in order for the Yankees to have good times, in the same way everything seems to derail just as quickly. It is only necessary to observe that of the five months that have been played completely in the season, the “Bronx bombers”They have finished with a negative record in two of them (April and June) by winning 12 games and losing 14, the same path they are traveling in September, where seven defeats and two wins arrive, leaving only 21 games in the regular season.

Certainly the Yankees found some stability in July and August, where they won 35 of 52 matches (between the two months), including their historic 13-match winning streak, but despite that, they are in danger of losing the second to this day. Wild card of the American league, threatened by Toronto blue jays, Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics, who would only need a victory, combined with a defeat of the Yankees on Saturday to get them out of that position.

The Yankees certainly they have had situations throughout the year, many that are accentuated during their most recent negative streak, but which were hidden during the 13 consecutive victories, in which many, especially their fans, believed that the team was renewed and would arrive. smoothly to the postseason. This is one of the great traps in sport, since while a squad keeps winning, all the bad things that it has shown throughout the year, would seem to disappear, but it continues to be there and at this moment it is taking its toll on the New York team. .

The manager’s decisions (which have been questionable and questioned), the team’s passivity in the game, the way in which the team was made, are part of the problems with which the team has not been able to define constant and consistent criteria to throughout 2021 and that has them in a precarious position.

Streaks can be deceptive, no team is as good as when it is on long winning streaks, nor as bad as when it goes through multiple losses in a row, but what can you say about a team that has gone a full season from streak to streak , amid the inconsistency. Plain and simple, the Yankees don’t look like a postseason team right now.