Not even Hollywood would have thought of it: The magical number ’61’

The sport of numbers is baseballand see that the accuracy of the story of HR’s Come in Maris and Judge was more difficult to live than any record you want to tell me… and I explain:

I tell them about the feat he is doing Aaron Judgegunboat of the ny yankees.

Judge is nothing to tie Roger Maris As the Yankee What most HR in a season.

That feat has “the hated” Marislegendary baseball player manhattan mules.

But let’s go to that enormous coincidence that, I insist, was almost impossible for it to happen.

The number “61” is the key in this whole story.

1.- Roger Maris He is the most Yankee with HRs in the same year, with 61.

2.- The one born in Hibbing, Minnesota, got that markyes, in 19-61.

3.- Hardly any Mule would tie it, but since baseball is about numbers, someone is nothing to achieve it: Aaron Judgehow long after?… 61 years.

Incredible as it may seem, Hollywoodesque figure out this story, the 61 HRs scored by Maris in 19-61 they will tie 61 years later.

How the hell does something so exact happen — number 61 — that those of us who love this sport can enjoy it!

Maris He was born in September 1934 and died young, at the age of 51, in 1985, in the city of Houston, Texas.

Today I was 88 years old. It would have been beautiful if her life had allowed her to see what we are witnessing.

Every turn I take Judgethe spotlights from all over the US will be focused on him.

How many games do they have left? Bronx Bombers? Until yesterday they have played 148, so Judge has 14 left.

If he sees action in all he has left, let’s put him at an average of 4.5 at-bats per game, that would give him about 63 more chances.

This is more or less. No one ever knows how many turns there are per game.

few will be missing

Will it be the Maximum in a season? No. It will not reach that figure… for now.

These are the leading home runs throughout the history of Big leagues:

Barry Bonds: 73, in 2001.

Mark McGwire:70, in 1998.

Sammy Sosa: 66, in 1998.

Mark McGwire: 65, in 1999.

Sammy Sosa: 64, in 2001.

Sammy Sosa: 63, in 1999.

Roger Maris: 61, in 1961.

Babe Ruth: 60, in 1927.

Aaron Judge: 60, in 2022.

Go for the triple crown

He goes for her in the american league:

— Batting average… 1st, with a .316 percentage.

— Home runs .. 1st, with 60.

— RBIs .. 1st, with 128.

They do not count towards triple Crownbut also leads in, this in all Big leagues (American and National):

— Runs scored .. 1st, with 125.

OBP… 1st, at .421.

SLG… 1st, at .705.

OPS.. 1st, with 1,126.

PS: He is a baseball player who measures 2 meters with a centimeter, he is quite a machine, a gifted being to play baseball.

And Pujols?

But not only he is taking the spotlight in the Big leagues. there is another future Hall of Fame that is nothing to make history.

And I mean the Dominican Jose Alberto Pujols Alcantarabetter known as Albert Pujols.

The 42-year-old slugger, who seemed to be out of the GL by now, settled in again this year with the team he loves: Los St. Louis Cardinalswith whom he played from 2001 to 2011 and returned for this year, after having been in Anaheim and a few games with the Dodgers.

Pujols has 698 home runs in the Major Leagues. and he is already the Latino with the most homers in the entire history of the Majors.

Pujols has 698. Day by day we will be waiting for him to reach 700.

It is already the fourth in history with the most HR:

1.- Barry Bondyes, 762.

two.- hank aaron755.

3.- Babe Ruth714.

4.- Albert Pujols698.

The Dominican at any time will reach 700but since his retirement is imminent, he will hardly tie Ruth.

What a treat!

That in the same year, that in the same month we are seeing two gunboats fighting to make historyit’s a delight.

Thank you, Judge; thanks Albert.

Baseball lovers thank you.

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Not even Hollywood would have thought of it: The magical number ’61’