New York Yankees haven’t had such a good August in almost 90 years

For many people, the days of August are perfect to go to the beach, eat a fruit ice cream and have glimpses of fun under the red sunsets that in no time will give way to the brown of autumn. For the New York Yankees, August as its Latin etymology indicates: it is sacred.

In the most recent 23 days, the Bronx Bombers achieved a season of MLB that headed for disaster acquired the winning face of the team that everyone thought it was before Opening Day. During this month, New Yorkers accumulate 17 wins for four losses that places them with a winning percentage of .810, the second highest in their history only below the legendary Yankees of 1932, which with Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and others. seven Hall of Fame players posted their August highest with a .828 ball.

Upon entering the diamond this Tuesday in front of the Atlanta Braves, New York will do so with a 10-game run without a loss, the same amount the 32-year-old Yankees did this month. As if it were an exercise in timing or a mere baseball fluke, the 2021 Yankees and those of 89 years ago went on a streak on their respective visits to the Chicago White Sox.

To the delight of fans across the Big Apple who believe the statistics repeat patterns, the 1932 Yankees hung up the World Series pennant by sweeping the Cubs. The team that was led by Joe McCarthy finished the calendar with 107 victories and 47 defeats. The 1932 Yankees became the first major league team to go through a full season without being shut out. Only the 2000 Cincinnati Reds and the 2020 Los Angeles Dodgers have matched them, although the Angelenos did so in a 60-game campaign.

While the current Yankees are projected to end the year with fewer than 100 wins and the wild-card spot, Aaron Boone’s players have recovered from wild scares but have so far kept flying with a chance of landing safely in October.

The Yankees have now won 10 straight games for the thirty-first time in franchise history, which is the most of any American League club. If in the remainder of the month, they do not surpass the team of 32, all is not lost for the Yankees, as the 1938 team was also World Series champion with an August in which they had .778 winning percentage. August doesn’t last forever, but the Yankees get honey this month.

No margin for error

Excluding today’s game against the Braves, the Yankees have six games left in August against two teams in the AL West. First, they will face the Oakland Athletics in a four-game series, whom they defeated a couple of times this year and the two remaining games will be against the Angels, ninth with a losing record to this day. However, if the current Bombers are looking to top the 1931 team with the best August winning percentage, they are only entitled to one loss.