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10 World’s Biggest Gaming Nations

10 Worlds Biggest Gaming Nations

Gambling is one of the most common forms of entertainment nowadays. A huge number of people spend their free time in casinos in order to get sensations that they do not get in normal life. There are gamblers all over the world. And many countries are trying to develop this industry because it can make a huge contribution to the economy. It becomes interesting how these countries were able to contribute to the development of such a sphere as gambling. In some countries, people often go to casinos and play for symbolic amounts of money.

Other countries of the world have their own approach to gambling. However, there will always be those that stand out from the general list. Nations where gambling is considered to be an everyday occurrence. States spend huge sums on the development of this industry, and the demand is growing and growing. By the way, you can take advantage of such a service as Slots Up to choose the best casino, for instance, here is a selection of the best online casinos Malta.

Top Countries in the Gaming Industry 

In the list below you can see countries where the gambling industry is most developed:

  • Australia;
  • United States of America;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Canada;
  • China;
  • Japan;
  • South Korea;
  • Germany;
  • France;
  • Italy.


This is one of the countries where gambling is most popular. Many Australians can no longer imagine their life without such entertainment. About 80% of adult citizens regularly play in casinos. Many analysts believe that this result contributes to the lack of tax on gambling winnings. The amount of money spent on the game per citizen of the country is 1,288 dollars. And the most popular gambling options are betting and slot machines.

United States

This country is famous for a large number of fans of gambling. After all, here is the gambling capital of the world – Las Vegas. There are more than 1,500 different casinos. Despite the fact that the authorities strongly opposed gambling for money, this entertainment is legal in the U.S. but with a huge number of restrictions. Each state has the right to adopt its own laws for gambling areas and this is where casino games are allowed.

United Kingdom

It is also a well-known country among gamblers as well. According to statistics, every second citizen has gambled at least once. Thanks to strict laws and quality licenses, the gambling industry can be considered reliable and stable. A law on gambling created by representatives of the gambling industry and state legislative bodies was passed. The document regulates all kinds of gambling activities. This is where the largest number of active players is found. The most popular types of games here include slots, lottery, and sports betting.


Here gambling is regulated by law and guarantees a high-quality, interesting experience. This industry contributes about 13 billion dollars to the state budget every year. Canadians are free to visit and play at online casinos. Furthermore, they can play for real money without restrictions. All casinos are required to have a license in order to offer their games locally. Based on statistics, 65% of residents over the age of 18 have played at online casinos.


Today, it is a leader in gambling. Due to the good attention to this industry by the government, it is impossible to provide gaming services here without a license. This approach makes the game safe for users and thus attracts a large number of players.


It is very different from other countries in general. This also can be said about the attitude to gambling. Just like in many Asian countries, there is a restriction on gambling here. It can be compared with another country that adopts a legal use of gambling.

There are land-based casinosLand-based casinos are banned
There are domestic casino brandsOnly foreign casino brands are legal
Expensive entrance when it comes to gambling gamesInexpensive entrance when it comes to gambling games

Despite this, Japan has made it into the top 10 countries with active gambling users.

South Korea

This is a country where the gambling market consists of poker, lottery, bingo, betting, and casinos. It is allowed to play in them from the age of 19. However, the casinos over there are famous for their historical and cultural connection, and you can learn more about the history of casinos at  This industry functions under the strict laws of the state. According to the Korean Casino Association, as of early 2019, there are 17 casinos in the country that citizens are allowed to visit. Eight of them are located on the tourist island of Jeju-do. Although the country has a huge number of restrictions and even bans on gambling for its citizens and casinos were generally prohibited for a long time, contemporary Korea is rich with thrill-seekers in gambling.


It is known for its excellent regulation of the entertainment industry, both at the federal and local levels. The legislation does not prohibit players from betting on sites that have been licensed in Germany. While walking down German streets, you will find a huge number of all sorts of casinos.  And if you check reviews and features of the best Cypriot casino site, you can easily understand how to find the best option for you. Horseracing and lotteries are subject to state monopoly and are legal all over the country.


Here casinos are under the full control of the state. It is allowed to open land-based and online casinos. All slots must be licensed, otherwise, the casino owners will be liable under the criminal and administrative codes. The most popular types of gambling include poker, bingo, and lotteries.


Gambling occupies a huge niche in the country’s economy. The turnover of the industry is about 5 billion dollars a year. This is not surprising because France is considered the birthplace of casinos. It is under extensive control and perfectly regulated. The activities of both land-based and online casinos are fully authorized here.

Author: Olha Lammer