NATIONAL COMMISSIONER: “Players who have left delegations will NOT be able to play in Cuba”

By Daniel de Malas /

The New National Commissioner of Cuban Baseball gave statements to the local press, since his mandate has just begun and the sport of balls and strikes lives in a nebula far from reality, with many followers eager to know what is coming, what changes will be implemented and how it is planned to save the passion of all Cubans.

Unfortunately, the conversation was brief and far from what we wanted to know, on the contrary, the usual speech was repeated and vital issues were absent from the grid of questions of Osvaldo Rojas Garay, who interviewed the official for the digital newspaper of Villa Clara, Vanguardia.

The one born in Santa Clara, Juan Reinaldo Pérez Pardo, was appointed new commissioner national baseball team, just a few weeks ago and answered 5 questions from Rojas Garay.

Regarding the change in structure, the director of the Cuban ball did not give details: “we cannot venture to announce a change in this regard.”

On the return of “elite” events, Juan Reinaldo assured that he would like to “rescue some of the contests that used to take place; But different elements must also be taken into account, including the holding of international events and the resources available to the country ”.

The most intense issue of those who asked him in fact, the only one, was about the return of players to the National Series and the commissioner ruled that: “As was done in the last championship. Players who wish to rejoin our baseball will be able to do so as long as they meet the requirements demanded by the Cuban Baseball Federation ”.

And to start his management on the wrong foot, he added: “Until now, the same decision remains that the players who have left official delegations will not be able to play in the National Series.”

After this painful statement, the complement is not worth it, since it clarified that they will make a tour of the country and maintained that the next season should start in the first quarter of 2022.