National Commission REVEALED list of 28 REGULATED PITCHERS

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On February 21, Baseball Commissioner Reynaldo Pérez announced changes in pitching regulations for the current National Series. According to him, a group of names would be given to apply a special rule to those who had suffered previous injuries or that the Commission was interested in taking care of due to their physical conditions.

“This pitching regulation has a scientific basis. We have reviewed a group of leagues, and we could see that the American Institute of Sports Medicine does a very clear review on the issues of baseball and pitchers, and they expose a group of criteria that relate to what we have found here, ” said Francisco MontesinosChief Medical Officer of baseball, this Monday the 28th at this week’s Press Conference.

After analyzing more than 140 pitchers with past injuries, the list of these pitchers who will have special regulations and their causes was released. The fundamental ones are overuse, injury, extreme fatigue and interest of the National Commission. Here is the list of 28 pitchers.

  • Frank Abel Álvarez (Pinar del Río)- Injury and extreme fatigue
  • Leodan Manuel Reyes (Pinar del Río)- CNB interest
  • Jonathan Carbó (Isle of Youth)- Extreme fatigue
  • Andy Vargas (Industrials)- Overuse
  • Erick González (Industrials)- Injury
  • Raymond Figueredo (Industrials)- Injury
  • Yandi Molina (Industrials)- Injury
  • Pavel Hernández (Industrial) – Extreme fatigue
  • Yadian Martínez (Mayabeque)- Extreme fatigue
  • Mailon Cruz (Mayabeque)- Extreme fatigue
  • Marlon Vega (Mayabeque)- Injury and Extreme Fatigue
  • Alyanser Álvarez (Mayabeque)- Injury and extreme fatigue
  • Renner Rivero (Matanzas)- Extreme fatigue
  • Naykel Cruz (Matanzas)- Extreme fatigue
  • Alex Pérez (Cienfuegos)- Injury and extreme fatigue
  • Luis Cerpa (Cienfuegos)- Injury and Extreme Fatigue
  • Javier Mirabal (Villa Clara)- Extreme fatigue
  • Randy Cueto (Villa Clara)- CNB Interest
  • Yankiel Mauris (Sancti Spíritus)- Injury and extreme fatigue
  • José Santos (Sancti Spíritus)- Extreme fatigue
  • Roberto Hernández (Sancti Spíritus)- Injury
  • Juan Contreras (Camagüey)- Interest of CNB
  • Kelbis Rodríguez (Granma)- Extreme fatigue
  • Alexei Ricardo (Granma)- CNB interest
  • José Rodríguez (Holguín)- CNB interest
  • Luis Fonseca (Santiago de Cuba)- CNB interest
  • Alexander Valiente (Guantánamo)- CNB interest
  • Enyer Fernández (Guantánamo)- CNB interest

In the case of those regulated “in the interest of the National Commission” it is because they seek to take even more care of their arms for their youth. In the press conference they did not clarify if these pitchers are also regulated to leave the country, because coincidentally being an “athlete of interest” is one of the reasons they have used to prohibit some baseball players from leaving Cuba.

The number of pitches rule for pitchers in the National Series will come into force as of March 5 and was established as follows.

  • 1-30 pitches- Free
  • 31-45 – one day
  • 46-60 – two days
  • 61- 80 – three days
  • 81- 105 – four days
  • 105 – 120 – five days

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National Commission REVEALED list of 28 REGULATED PITCHERS