MVP! This was Ohtani’s last outing as a pitcher in 2021

What of Shohei ohtani It is historical, it has no comparison and it is probably unrepeatable, we are seeing the BEST campaign of a two-way player of all time in the MLB and today, hopefully not, may have been his last outing as a pitcher.

“Everything bad about the Angels, Ohtani is good” we read there and we could not agree more, to show it is that today when Ohtani He jumped to the hill and left a 7-inning line pitched with 1 run, 5 hits, 0 BB, and 10 strikeouts. Anaheim only needed two runs to aim for his 10th win of the year.

And what happened? The Angels failed him, as always.

Yet today Ohtani gave us his 150th strikeout of the year, to become the only player in history, listen well, the ONLY ONE to hit 150 strikeouts and 45 home runs in one season.

This last exit, in addition, seems to seal a more than announced American League MVP for the Japanese for this alien campaign. What does it matter whether or not he’s on a contending team? We wish he would not play in the Angels the truth and see him in the playoffs, but hey, you don’t always have what you want.

And to celebrate this last opening, here are the best videos of his last outing of the year, Thank you, Shohei! We are going to miss you this winter we hope Angels doesn’t stink so much next year:

Here when he hit his first two strikeouts of the afternoon in the first inning …

Here’s his sixth K of the afternoon with a slider going 85 miles per hour in the 4th inning….

Here when I hit Seager in the balls HAHAHAHA:

Here a line at 98 miles per hour …

Here one at 99 (in case the previous one did not seem fast enough) …

And here closing the eye…. 😉