MORE bad news for the Dodgers! Your best pitcher won’t pitch Game 6

October 22, 2021

By Jesús Alain Fernández

Definitely not escaping in Los Angeles Dodgers on bad news. The last arrival is related to the right pitcher Max scherzer and his appointment to open the crucial life and death game of the next day.

It has emerged in the last few minutes that the right-hander, winner of three Cy Young Awards for MLB’s best pitcher of the season, will not be fit for the opening. There was confidence by all that his arm would recover in time, but the fear of his representative Scott Boras has become an absolute reality.

Guessing that Scherzer called Boras and said he wasn’t feeling well. Later, Boras told the Dodgers that he was not going to pitch again while on the brink of a lucrative final contract. I guarantee that this is what happened, “said Joey Flyntz on his Twitter profile.

Max has been violating his rest and recovery cycles this postseason on a sustained basis. The last two with only two days off. Even in the meeting on October 17, he was withdrawn when he declared “having a dead arm.”

Now the Dodgers will have to rethink the elimination game for the second time in a row without having a starting pitcher fit to do the job. Walker Buehler was the starter of the game on Tuesday 19, he will have only three days off on Saturday and Julio Urías will only have completed two full days of recovery.

In short, the ordeal for the Dodgers management continues to grow at a time when their bullpen also suffers the onslaught of injuries. It recently emerged that Justin Bruihl is also resentful and may not be on the roster for games six and the eventual seven of the NL Championship Series.

Errors always come at a cost, sometimes immediate and sometimes a week later.

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MORE bad news for the Dodgers! Your best pitcher won’t pitch Game 6