Modesto Agüero: “It is a mistake not to broadcast MLB on Cuban television”

By José Alejandro Rodríguez Zas

The sports journalist and narrator-commentator Modesto Agüero was one of the most popular figures on Cuban television for several decades. From his debut in the 1970s on Radio Cadena Agramonte, a provincial station in his native Camagüey, until his retirement in 2017, he was able to win the admiration of a demanding Cuban fans, in his more than 40 years of work.

Currently, Modesto lives in Spain and has remained linked to sport, mainly through his Facebook page Sports with Modesto Agüero, in which he publishes interesting works on Cuban and international athletes, results of sporting events and personal opinions on some topics of interest, among others. In addition, it collaborates for different specialized websites, such as its own Full swing, where Modesto has also found its space.

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Just three days ago, on October 9, Modesto made a publication on his aforementioned page, in which he supports the claim of all Cuban baseball fans, who yearn for Major League Baseball games to be broadcast on television, whose 2021 MLB season is already in its postseason stage, with several Cubans as protagonists.

“I make this comment because when I was active I claimed it many times in department meetings, although I knew that the decision was not there and also because hundreds of Cuban fans have expressed their desire to be able to watch the Major Leagues on Cuban television”, wrote the popular Cuban narrator.

“Cuba is the only country where baseball is a popular sport and MLB games are not televised. I have always asked myself, what is the reason for not transmitting the best baseball in the world in a country where the national sport is precisely that? I always pointed out that watching this baseball we all learn, from players, to directors and fans, “he added.

«NBA games have been broadcast almost 24 hours apart from their airing live, why not do the same with the Major Leagues? I am not against football and I applaud that the main professional leagues in the world are televised, but why is this same policy not applied to baseball? If they opened the doors to professional sports, hiring Cuban players abroad, why aren’t other leagues televised, especially MLB? “, Modesto wrote.

“Although some may not consider it that way, the Cuban players who are in the Major Leagues are a source of pride for us Cubans since they are putting the name of Cuba very high, in addition to those with whom I have spoken, they are willing to wear the Cuban uniform and defend your colors in the international arena. Are we not proud of the outstanding performances of Pito Abreu, Yuli Gurriel, Luis Robert, Yodan Álvarez and others in the Major Leagues? In order not to feel that way, we must stop being Cuban, ”he commented in his publication.

“On the other hand, if we open the doors to these players to integrate a unified Cuba, why do we continue to ignore the MLB? If it does not constitute an economic affectation, and it does not, I really consider it a mistake not to televise, even if it is the best baseball in the world on a delayed basis, not only would the fans appreciate it very much but it is a popular claim, “concluded Modesto.

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Undoubtedly, this is a claim that Cuban baseball fans and Major League Baseball fans have made, but the few times that the subject is raised by the Cuban authorities, the answers point to the same culprit as always … you know . It is good to hear, or read, an opinion from someone authorized on this important topic. So apparently those of us who claim are not so wrong.