MLB: Yankees players who would leave and those who would stay despite failure

The season of the Yankees with another bad taste in the mouth for a fan who does not accept another result than lifting a World Series trophy. The Bombers were killed by the Boston Red Sox in the Wild Card Game and in this way, the team already enters offseason mode, seeking solutions to various problems that afflict them.

Before a plan is drawn up, it is necessary to know who will be the figures who will not wear the Yankees jersey again in the upcoming 2022 contest. A group of players and coaches saw their contracts end in that last game against the Sox Red. Some of them might receive a new deal with the Bombers, but for others, it was simply a goodbye to the striped team. Who should go and who should stay for the 2022 season?

The first case and perhaps the most important is the initialist Anthony Rizzo, who came from the Cubs and who at the end of this season, is already a free agent. The Bombers count on their roster for 2022 with Luke Voit, a player who despite injuries in 2021, was the leader in homers in the American League during the shortened 2020 season.


Voit still under contract, could be first baseman for the Yankees the next contest, but Rizzo’s figure left fond memories with both his bat and his glove. His brilliant defensive skills have earned him multiple Gold Gloves and his left-handed bat in a hitters haven like Yankee Stadium cannot be overlooked. The third option of the team in the initial is DJ LeMahieu and more considering that Gleyber could continue in the intermediate for the next season.

A sentimental subject. Brett Gardner didn’t want to take his uniform off after the Boston game. The veteran of a thousand battles was affected after the game against the Patirrojos and despite not having started as the team’s starting outfielder, he ended up being a key figure in the outcome of the season. His dedication and love of the jersey cannot be overlooked. Physically, Brett can still run, he covers a lot of ground in the prairies and his bat, while not his old one, still shows occasional power (10 homers in 387 at-bats), which makes him a good choice as a fourth outfielder for the Bombers.

Corey Kluber can’t say he did a poor job overall with the team, but I don’t think or feel it would be the right direction to offer Kluber a deal. The veteran had his big moment with that no-hitter against Texas during the regular season, but the Bombers have a lot of options in the starting rotation and there is a group of talented arms in both the big and minor league teams that they need. have the opportunity to shine in the best baseball in the world.

Finally, the list of free agents continues with names like: Joely Rodríguez, Andrew Heaney, Darren O’Day, Ryan LaMarre and Adam Warren. The last four names, it seems to me, will not return with the team and in fact they do not have space on the roster that the Bombers need to have for Opening Day 2022.

Of course, to that list of terminated contracts is added manager Aaron Boone, who has been a topic of conversation even before the end of the season, on many of those times, being criticized for his unstable lineups, poor bullpen management and absence. of the small game in your playbook. Regardless of what may happen with Boone, it seems to me that the Yankees need a new air when it comes to hitting coach. After all, the pitching that was supposed to be the weak point of the team ended up being the best and the offensive production had big gaps.

Alfre Álvarez / Special for