MLB: Would recurring injuries ruin a possible Correa or Seager signing on the Yankees?

Of all the available vacancies that currently have the Yankees, the most attractive of all is that of shortstop, the old legend position: Derek Jeter. The Yankees are still looking for a star to fill their position, seven years after his retirement. However, in this year’s free agency five high-caliber shortstops were terminated with their respective clubs, and all of them are a serious prospect of landing in the Bronx as backup.

Corey seager is it availabe. He was the 2020 World Series MVP for the Dodgers. He will turn 28 on April 27. The Puerto Rican Carlos Correa will be 27 on Opening Day. Javy Báez, Trevor Story and Marcus Semien are also at the mercy of the Yankees should they want to negotiate. From this deck, it is said that Seager and Correa would be both favorites to sign with the Mules, however, the history of injuries that both carry since they started their career could be an impediment to wearing the classic striped uniform.

In terms of age and postseason experience, he and Correa seem like the best candidates. But both have spent quite a bit of time on the disabled list. Seager missed most of 2018 with an elbow injury. This year he played just 95 games for the Dodgers, losing a lot of time after being hit with a broken hand from a ball in May. Correa, who has dealt with back problems in the past, played just 75 games in 2019, 110 the year before and 109 in 2017.

Correa played 148 games in 2021. But it was Marcus Semien who was a horse for the Toronto Blue Jays, playing all 162 games for a team that battled until the last day of the season to reach the postseason. Semien also played all 162 games for Oakland in 2019 and 159 the year before.

One of them is going to end up with the Yankees. The best job available, if you ask me. The Yankees aren’t looking for another Jeter. There will be no other like him. And they have more holes to cover, not just the shorts. But need No. 1 is there. In the space at Yankee Stadium that once ranked No. 2.


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MLB: Would recurring injuries ruin a possible Correa or Seager signing on the Yankees?