MLB: With everything and that it is his worst season, Soto equaled the home run record of Pujols and Cabrera

This 2022 has been one of great uncertainty for the All-Star outfielder for the Padres, John Sotowho since being acquired by San Diego in a midseason trade from the Nationals, hasn’t been doing as well as expected with his new club.

This Sunday, Soto Pacheco had an outstanding offensive day in his team’s victory (6-1) over the Arizona D-backs. The Dominican went 3-for-4 with a solo home run and a double hit, plus he drove in a couple of runs.

The 25th home run hit by “La Fiera” served to match a record of two of the most successful Latino sluggers in recent years. Soto paired up Albert Pujols and Miguel Cabrera as to most seasons of 25 or more home runs at the age of 23. In total there were three campaigns batting that figure.

It should be noted that Mike Trout is the only slugger who has done it for four seasons. Cody Bellinger, like Soto, Pujols and “Miggy”, also did it in three different tournaments before turning 24 years old.

Soto was perhaps at his best since joining the “Friars,” whose organization had to ditch several elite prospects to land star first baseman Josh Bell, another player also left behind after his trade.

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MLB: With everything and that it is his worst season, Soto equaled the home run record of Pujols and Cabrera