MLB-Will New York Yankees trade Miguel Andújar this winter?

The dominican Miguel Andújar was not designated for assignment like other of his companions facing the MLB 2022.New York Yankees Will they change it this winter?

Suddenly the Yankees had to make some moves to save several of their prospects and not let them go to rule 5 where another team can steal them. Infielders Roudge Odor and Tyler Wade were designated for assignment as was Clint Frazier.

Wade managed to outperform Miguel Andújar last season and also has been healthier, so it was believed that the Yankees were going to give up Andújar before Wade. However, the Yankees are not forgetting that rookie season of Andujar and they saw the 5 home runs he hit in a short time while he was healthy in 2021.

Will New York Yankees trade Miguel Andújar this winter?

Without a doubt it is possible that if the Yankees sign several players in free agency they will have to sacrifice a player from the current roster, Miguel Andújar would not be an untouchable piece for the Yankees when it comes to making a decision.

Andújar has a blurry future with the Mules, he does not have a chance to seat Aaron Judge and Joey Gallo is coming off winning a gold glove, Aaron Hicks is recovering and the Mules are going to seek him to make up for lost time a bit.

While, in the infield, the better the Yankees have more players, in case they sign a shortstop they are going to have to resign to one of their infield players or simply not sign a first base and give it to DJ Lemahieu, there it is. when a war between Gio Urshela and Miguel Andújar would enter for third base, where Urshela may have an advantage due to his better defense.

Andújar may generate some interest in the market this winter, he is very talented and has only lacked health, and even when he is healthy he does not receive much play from the Yankees. The Dominican points out that, if he plays in another organization and they give him a lot of play, he can perform at a regular level.

Andújar Status

  • 26 years
  • 6 feet
  • 220 pounds
  • He has played 78 games in the last three seasons.
  • He became a utility.

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MLB-Will New York Yankees trade Miguel Andújar this winter?