MLB: What is the real value of Carlos Correa?

Carlos Correa is in free agency at age 27, undoubtedly the most prized free agent in the 2022 class of Big leagues. Despite his young age, which makes him even more valuable and the achievements that adorn his career, the Puerto Rican’s path to his contract is full of questions.

Seeing that free agents of the same class and position as is the case of Corey Seager (155 days older than Correa) achieved a contract of US $ 325 million for time of 10 seasons, leads us to greater questions about the path of a possible contract to long term by the native of Puerto Rico.

The lesions

Carlos Correa had a tough injury road between 2018 and 2019, lower back injuries. That, although their last two campaigns have not been present, is a latent fear and more so in long-term contracts.

Correa today a player of the short stops, with a long history of problems in his back that could cause fear in case of these injuries to continue present and even to prevent certain movements in his game.

Neither 30 HR nor 100 RBI …

In none of his campaigns since he joined the MLB the player has reached figures such as 30 home runs or 100 RBIs, as the main criteria that we regularly use to know how valuable a player is.

In the same way, only in what was the 2021 campaign has he been within the Top 10 MVP in his career, being Top 5 in the voting. Which we could also use against your worth.

The sought-after young player

Talking about a contract with Carlos Correa comes with the enviable quality of a player of only 27 years, who among players of his age in the period since 2015 when he debuted places him as one of the best young people of his generation.

From 2015 to 2021 in players in an age range from 20 to 27 years, Carlos Correa ranks eighth in wOBA (.356) and sixth in wRC + with 128, as it shows how valuable he has been in front of his contemporaries in productivity.

Reach free agency in due course

Carlos Correa had without a doubt his best season in 2021 before free agency, who after 148 games had a WAR of 5.8 according to Fangraphs, hitting .279 / .366 / .485 with 26 homers and 92 RBIs.

To the defense registered 20 Runs Saves (DRS), being the leader among defenders from shortstop and all positions in general in the Big leagues, which earned him distinctions such as the Gold Glove and Platinum Glove.

What will a team get from Carlos Correa?

  • A player of only 27 years old, being the third youngest among all the players available for free agency.
  • Elite defender for shortstop
  • Hitter of great notion from the batter’s box
  • A virtuous racing creator
  • Star player for the postseason
  • The vocal player with great leadership in front of his teammates
  • The risky move to a long-term contract by a player with a heavy injury history

What is the real value of Carlos Correa?

According to Fangraphs, the value of Carlos Correa was a player of US $ 46.2 million for his WAR of 5.8, who by the same tool in both 2016 and 2017 was evaluated by his performance in those campaigns as a player of value greater than 40 millions of dollars.

Seeing players of the same position as Corey Seager sign a contract with an annual average value of US $ 32.5 million, or in the case of Francisco Lindor US $ 34.1 million, it is to deduce where a possible contract by Carlos Correa would be guided.

The most difficult decision is located in the years of the pact, for a player like Carlos Correa who from a very young age has been limited by alarming injuries such as his back that, if continued, could affect his game in the future.

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MLB: What is the real value of Carlos Correa?