MLB: Under the Magnifying Glass! Dodgers join Royals ace, left-handed starter chase

The Los Angeles Dodgers have an interest in the injured left-hander of the Kansas City Royals, Danny Duffy. This completes the trio of NL West contenders looking at Duffy, as the Fathers and the Giants They have also been linked to KC’s veteran left-hander

San Francisco is known to be interested despite Duffy’s injury, and the Dodgers can be assumed to be in the same position, considering Duffy has been on the 10-day disabled list for five days:

Duffy is out of action with his second left flexor strain of the season, so he may not be available until at least early September, depending on the schedule of his last DL visit.

Given that teams in the NL West Division currently have a huge advantage over the rest of the NL by the two wild-card positions, the Dodgers may be reasonably comfortable making it to the postseason one way or another, so that Duffy could be saved as a reinforcement season finale.

While it can certainly be argued that Los Angeles should spend its potential capital on a healthy pitcher, the Royals’ asking price for Duffy is probably not very high, considering his injured status.

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Duffy controls his business destiny thanks to the rights of 10 and 5, and the California native might be willing to give up those rights to join a team in his home state. If this is the case, the Angels and Athletics would also appear to hypothetically fit in a Duffy trade.

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