MLB: Three Venezuelans appear in the top 5 of players with the most hits since 2010

Venezuela says present With up to three representatives in an important top hitters since 2010, the criollos occupy the number 1, 3 and 4 positions of the aforementioned list in which a current superstar of the batsmen also appears. los angeles dodgers.

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The Big Leaguers jose altuveElvis Andrus and Miguel Cabrera are the 3 Venezuelans with the most hits in the Major Leagues since the beginning of the last decade, incredible as it may seem, only 2 other non-Venezuelan players also appear in the top five.

The banner of the Houston Astros, José Altuve, apart from being the first on the list with 1935 hits, is also the youngest player among the top five players at 32 years old, something that speaks of Astro Boy’s great consistency since that was consolidated in the Big Top.

Elvis Andrus is for many the big surprise of the top 3 players with the most hits since 2010, only surpassed by Altuve and Freddie Freeman… The free agent has 1869 hits since his debut in the big leagues and what are they enough for keep it in the creditable third place.

The other Venezuelan could not be other than Miguel Cabrera, the record man of the Detroit Tigers is very close to his countryman Andrus with 1,968 boards in his account, despite the fact that in recent seasons he has not had the necessary health to play fully in the vast majority of his team’s matches.

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MLB: Three Venezuelans appear in the top 5 of players with the most hits since 2010