MLB: Three key players in the Yankees who, if not resurfaced, would ruin the 2022 season

Despite the urgency of the yankees for regaining prominence in MLBbefore the lockout, the board was quite slow in terms of hiring free agents, or changing players with other clubs.

For this 2022, the Bombers will try to shake off a malaria of 13 accumulated years without winning the World Series, for this, it will be extremely important that several players who have registered a notable drop in play in the last year, return to their best level. Otherwise, they would put their team in trouble and even would ruin the campaign.

one. Aroldis Chapman

The Cuban will play his last season of contract with New York. If he wants to continue to reside in the Big Apple, he will have to prove himself on the mound, just as he did during his best years since he pitched in the big leagues.

two. DJ LeMahahieu

After being the American League Champion Bat and overall leader in batting average (.364) in 2020, LeMahieu’s offensive performance was in decline, with injuries being the main factor for the veteran not to perform as he used to. in his first two seasons in the Bronx.

DJLM was the one who carried New York during 2019 and 2020, therefore, if he does not return to that level, his team could suffer again and continue on a streak that seems impossible to leave behind for more than a decade without lifting the trophy. champion in the Fall Classic.

3. Gary Sanchez

As if not wanting the thing, the Dominican catcher Gary Sánchez has already accumulated four tournaments in a row in the doldrums, not only with the wood, but also defending behind the plate. Although it is rumored that he could serve as a bargaining chip, if he stays with the Yankees for another year, he will have to step on the accelerator in 2022 since, like Chapman, it will also be his last year of contract before becoming an agent. free.

“The Kraken” has been pointed out as one of those responsible for the eliminations of the Yankees in the last playoff rounds they have played. Therefore, this year he would have one last chance to get rid of the thorn and show that the level he showed in his first two years with the organization were not a stroke of luck.

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MLB: Three key players in the Yankees who, if not resurfaced, would ruin the 2022 season