MLB: These Venezuelans enter the race for the new Major League award

Frederlin Castro

Luis Guillorme has said that winning a Gold Glove is the prize he most wants to achieve in his career on a personal level.and now the Mets player may have a chance to get it this year.

Venezuelans aim high

Rawlings announced Tuesday that this year he will add recognition to utility players to the defensive award, and Guillorme, who has thrived at multiple infield positions this season for the Mets, thinks it’s about time.

“I think it’s great. I think it’s something that came from afar,” Guillorme said. “And it’s not just me. There have been players doing it and doing it well for the last few years, so it’s something that had to be done eventually, in my opinion.”

In that same category we must take into account his compatriot Luis Arráez, a player who values ​​hitting more than the power to produce and reach base. When Arraez is in play, he’s a get-to-base machine that starts or adds to runs by keeping the line moving. And he’s one of the best players in the league at that.

Arráez, who is currently the leading bat in America (.320), has just two errors in 136 games this season. He has played 60 at first base, 40 at second and seven at third. The rest have done so as designated. Likewise, he totals 795 complete innings.

nothing is clear

There remains some confusion about the number of entries required to win the prize. Until now the requirement exists to play at least 713 innings in a team’s first 141 games, but Rawlings did not specify in his announcement a minimum inning requirement for utility player eligibility.

“If you’re a utility guy, you’re not going to get enough innings. Think about it, you’re a utility infielder because you’re versatile and you can play a lot of places,” Mets manager Buck Showalter said. “I know there has to be some minimum, but they almost got this right.”

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MLB: These Venezuelans enter the race for the new Major League award