MLB: These are the reasons why the Yankees were swept

In yesterday’s meeting, October 23, between the Houston Astros and the New York Yankees. The Texan team finished sweeping the Manhattan Mules in the American League Championship Series.

The Sidereales finished demonstrating the great superiority they have against the team that lives in the city of the Bronx. Those led by Aaron Boone could not show any opposition against the Astros.

manager mistakes

Aaron Bonee, manager of the New York Yankees, he made several serious errors in the series, which cost the team runs or players who did not produce in key moments.

The decisions that the manager criticized the most was to place utility player Matt Carpenter in the lineup in the first game, because the player had not seen action since he suffered an injury at the end of September.

Carpenter had several important at-bats during the series and the player failed to produce and went on an 8-0 streak with 8 consecutive strikeouts.

The other decision for which he was even booed by the fans was keeping third baseman Josh Donaldson as the fifth hitter and starter at third base for the entire series.

At one point, the slugger had an undisputed solo in the entire series and that was a factor that made the fans desperate.

Another fundamental factor was that the manager never maintained a fixed lineup and was always moving the players in the batting order and that affected the players themselves.

On the pitching side, the manager had a hard time recognizing when it was the right time to get his pitchers out of the game. In the first duel of the series against the sidereals, he left reliever C.Schmidt to face Cuban Yulieski Gurriel who took the ball away from him after making a difficult tackle.

In yesterday’s game he let pitcher Néstor Cortés face rookie Jeremy Peña when he had discomfort in his groin. After leaving the Dominican punished the Cuban with a home run throughout the left field.

What decision will the Yankees leadership make?

The New York Yankees organization has not played in a World Series for 13 years and Bronx Bombers fans are getting desperate.

At the beginning of the season Aaron Bonne was renewed for three more seasons, but it will be necessary to wait what decision the board will make regarding him.

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MLB: These are the reasons why the Yankees were swept