MLB: The Yankees MVP in 2022 is not Aaron Judge, it is… Mitch Garver?

Lhe New York Yankees are hands down the best team in all of MLBwith Aaron Judge being one of the strongest candidates to win the MVP. Although at first impression, it seemed that their offseason was quite weak compared to other teams such as the Texas Rangers and Minnesota Twinswho acquired some of the best free agents available like Marcus Semien, Corey Seager and Carlos Correa, teams with which, curiously, the Yankees They made changes at the beginning of the year.

From the Rangers the Yankees obtained José Treviño and months before, Joey Gallo, while from the Twins they obtained Isiah Kiner-Falefa, Josh Donaldson and Ben Rortvedt, giving players that the team has not missed and several of those they obtained, being key in the success of the Yankees this season, in addition to the signing of Matt Carpenter, whom the Bombers obtained after he was released by the Rangers.

But all these movements would have been impossible if it weren’t for catcher Mitch Garver and a strange ‘butterfly effect’ that perhaps if it weren’t for him, the Yankees wouldn’t be having a great season, but what has Garver done to be the MVP? unofficial Bronx Bombers this year?

Thanks to Garver, Isiah Kiner-Falefa arrived in Minnesota, being the first post-work stoppage change, now being José Treviño ‘disposable’ for the Rangers team, since top prospect Jonah Heim had stayed as second catcher.

Thanks to Garver leaving the Twins, the Minnesota team needed another catcher, so the Twins went to the Yankees to find Gary Sánchez, who finally got his release from the team along with Gio Urshela.

The Yankees were looking for an SS and with Cashman having sought out Kiner-Falefa in the Rangers, he saw his wish fulfilled by putting together a trade for him, in exchange for accepting the contract of veteran Josh Donaldson and Ben Rortdvedt, with the latter being the chosen couple. of Kyle Higashioka at the start of the season. Now without an SS, the Twins could go and sign Carlos Correa.

Thanks to the fact that Rortvedt has been injured, the Yankees looked for José Treviño in the Rangers, who was disposable after the arrival of Garver.

However, the mask would be injured and the Rangers would use him as the starting DH while he recovered, this being the ‘last straw’ for Matt Carpenter, who was waiting for his opportunity in that situation playing in minor leagues, asking to be released for subsequently, sign with the Yankees and reinvigorate his career.

In a strange succession of ‘butterfly effects’, Mitch Garver has dictated the moves the Yankees have made this season, and quite possibly thanks to him, they are now the best team in all of MLB.

Gabriel Delgado

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MLB: The Yankees MVP in 2022 is not Aaron Judge, it is… Mitch Garver?