MLB: The ‘nasty’ pitching that Ohtani added to his arsenal and nobody had noticed

shōhei ohtani he was already 10-7 with a 2.68 ERA and 157 strikeouts, and that’s just what his half-pitcher was doing, when added a new weapon to your arsenal. In the midst of a race for MVPOhtani began throwing a new release. Ohtani had thrown only a four-seam fastball since he joined the Majors; he now he throws 100 mph and he has two different fastballs.

Ohtani started mixing the sinker into his repertoire in his Aug. 15 start against the Mariners, then pitched a lot more in his last outing against the Blue Jays (and in those two games, he allowed just two runs in 13 innings with 17 strikeouts). ). That also shows Ohtani isn’t afraid to use his new pitch against American League contenders, so while he’s only thrown a handful of sinkers so far, he’ll keep an eye out when he starts against the Astros on Saturday at the Angel. Stadium.

This development should actually sound familiar…because Ohtani also added a new pitch last season on his way to the AL MVP award. In 2021, he was the cutter he introduced in April and began pitching regularly in mid-May. That cutter gave him five different nasty pitches, adding to his four-seam, splitter, slider and curveball. East new sink gives you six.

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MLB: The ‘nasty’ pitching that Ohtani added to his arsenal and nobody had noticed