MLB: Teams that could be able to pay Juan Soto 500 million for his signing

John Soto He already made it clear to his team, Washington Nationalswhich should increase their supply of Contract extension if they want to continue having him on their roster beyond the 2024 season. Otherwise, the Dominican outfielder could become a free agent if the Capitalinos fail to convince him based on billetazos. Soto has just rejected 350 million for 13 years of service.

It is said that “La Fiera” and his representative Scott Boras would be requesting around 500 million for more than a decade of contract. If it’s not the Nats, chances are other organizations will offer you the money they ask for. Let’s take a look at the teams that might be able to pay the amount Soto would ask for his signature:

1. Mets

With the change of ownership of the Metropolitans, at the hands of billionaire businessman Steve Cohen, the difference has been seen in terms of new hires. The office is injecting hundreds of millions in new signatures and it is already rumored that those from Queens would be one of the interested parties to sign Juan Soto, if Washington fails to retain him.

two. Dodgers

The Los Angeles team has already made it clear that their hand does not shake when it comes to adding expensive players to their roster. As for his outfield, only Mookie Betts and Chris Taylor are long-term commitments, in one of which Soto fits in with the Blue and Whites in case AJ Pollock or Cody Bellinger aren’t with the Dodgers anymore.

3. yankees

If we talk about vacancies that are always available in the Yankees, they always have the doors open for left-handed hitters. However, the Bronx-based office might not go after Soto as this is Aaron Judge’s last year and it is not yet known if they will open the checkbook to try to convince “Judge” to stay. Bringing in another expensive item could depend on whether or not the lanky right fielder continues.

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MLB: Teams that could be able to pay Juan Soto 500 million for his signing