MLB: Quarterback who will play the Super Bowl is Clayton Kershaw’s ‘bestie’ and was his catcher in High School

In these moments that there is no baseball of MLB in any of its forms due to the work stoppage and the lack of negotiations, the attention in American sports belongs entirely to the NFL, whose playoffs are about to end after it was defined that the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams will play Super Bowl LVI at SoFi Stadium, home of the Rams. The truth is that the Ram’s QBs, Matt Stafford, has the support of the Los Angeles Dodgersmainly because of her relationship with Clayton Kershaw.

Kershaw and Stafford have literally been best friends since they were little: They met at 6 years old and went to the same schools and played for the same teams. Stafford and Kersh played everything from soccer, football, basketball and baseball.

Stafford and Kershaw hit it off so well that they were drummers on the Highland Park High School team in Dallas, Texas, but in the end Matt decided to play football while Clayton stayed on playing baseball. Such was their talent that in 2006 they were both the top baseball and football prospect in the entire United States at the high school level, with both coming from the same school.

Now the two are stars of their respective sports and even with teams from the same city, with Kershaw a possible future Hall of Famer, World Series winner and multiple Cy Young winner with the Los Angeles Dodgers, while Stafford is going for his first Super Bowl with the Rams on his return to LA.

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MLB: Quarterback who will play the Super Bowl is Clayton Kershaw’s ‘bestie’ and was his catcher in High School