MLB Playoffs: Seven Things We Have Learned from the ’21 Postseason

Wednesday’s MLB 2021 Postseason record is heartbreakingly blank. Who put out the baseball?

But this quick pause of Playoffs before the end of Game 5 of the National League Division Series between San Francisco Giants- Los Angeles Dodgers Thursday night and the first game of the American League Championship Series Houston Astros- Boston Red Sox Friday night is an opportunity to evaluate some of the things we’ve learned far and wide this postseason.

  1. The Braves rotation deserves more love.

  2. Sorry, but the Astros are still really good.

  3. Sometimes things are not enough.

  4. The Red Sox were right to give Alex Cora another chance.

  5. Rule 5.06 (b) (4) (H) and Rule 5.09 (a) (11).

  6. The coast has a cost.

  7. We were absolutely right about the Giants-Dodgers.

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Which of these moments do you stay with?

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