MLB Playoffs: Hitters with the Most Home Runs in Postseason History

To accumulate many home runs in the playoffs, a batter needs plenty of chances and the ability to hit the biggest stage of the game. baseball. Since the statistics have been part of the best baseball league in the world, dozens of players have shone with their power when it comes to hitting.

These six hitters we’re about to mention have had both, hitting at least 19 home runs each in the playoffs / World Series. Following, the Top home runners in postseason history.

1) Manny Ramirez, 29 HR

The Dominican outfielder participated in 11 postseason games with the Indians, Red Sox and Dodgers. He had 493 plate appearances (third all-time) and a robust .544 slugging. His first two home runs, in Game 2 of the American League Championship Series, helped Cleveland reach the World Series. At 36 years old, he was still hitting his hits for the Dodgers in 2008. And in the midst of it all, he was MVP of the World Series in the Red Sox win.

2) (Tie) Jose Altuve, 22 HR

Venezuelan Altuve has been one of the best first hitters in the postseason, with a record seven home runs in the first inning. Altuve’s first three homers all came in the same game, with a trio of cannon shots in Game 1 of the 2017 ALDS against the Red Sox. While Altuve has given his fair share of home runs in the first inning, his most memorable hit came in Game 6 of the SCLA, when Houston secured a ticket to the World Series with Altuve’s gold home run off Aroldis Chapman. . Altuve’s home run to help Houston win Game 4 as the 2021 ALDS hit him at least one full-return hit in five straight postseason runs. He then reached 20 career postseason runs with that two-run in SCLA Game 1 against the Red Sox, before hitting a solo in Game 4 and setting the record for most home runs by an infielder in the playoffs / Series. World. Then came his homers in Game 2 of the 2021 World Series, his third cannon shot in a Fall Classic matchup.

2) (Tie) Bernie williams, 22 HR

Williams was not known as a great power hitter, with 30 being his most home runs in a season. But as a key member of the Yankees in the 1990s and 2000s, the Puerto Rican had plenty of opportunities in October and took advantage of them. The outfielder was MVP of the 1996 American League Championship Series against the Orioles, when he hit two home runs – including a gold one in the eleventh inning of Game 1. He ended that October, in which the Yankees were crowned, with six. homers. The Puerto Rican hit another golden home run off the Red Sox in Game 1 of the 1999 SCLA. Williams is one of just two players (along with David Ortiz) to knock out the opposition in two different postseason games.

4) Derek Jeter, 20 HR

Jeter’s postseason average (.308) was just two points less than his career regular-season number, but his slugging (.465) was 25 points higher. A five-time World Series champion, Jeter had three years of 20 or more home runs in his career and, if you count his 158 postseason games, he had one more. His memorable playoff / World Series home runs include his two home runs against the Mets in the 2000 World Series, in which he was MVP. Then there was his golden home run in the 10th inning of Game 4 of the 2001 Fall Classic against the Diamondbacks, when Major League Baseball was first played in November.

5) (Tie) George springer, 19 HR

Springer started his postseason career on full blast. The 2020 playoffs were the fifth of his career and he has hit two or more home runs in all but the first (he hit just one in six games in the 2015 postseason). He hit five home runs in the 2017 World Series, in which he was declared Most Valuable Player.

5) (Tie) Albert pujols 19 HR
Pujols, the postseason home run leader among active players as of 2020, has won two World Series rings. He was MVP of the National League Championship Series in 2004 (four home runs). The Dominican slugger is one of just 10 players to fire three blowouts in a postseason game – and one of four to do so in a World Series clash (2011, Game 3). But, his most famous home run in October was during the 2005 National League Championship Series. In Game 5 and the Astros on the brink of eliminating the Cardinals, Pujols hit a massive home run off star closer Brad Lidge to put up the lead. to San Luis. Pujols could have moved higher on this list, but since joining the Angels in 2012, he has been in just three playoff games (with one home run).

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MLB Playoffs: Hitters with the Most Home Runs in Postseason History