MLB: Out of the park! Rookie Oneil Cruz connects HR and the ball leaves the Pirates stadium

There is a time when the Dominican rookie Oneil Cruz of the Pittsburgh Pirates, makes perfect contact with a baseball that unleashes a spectator’s inner child. As the ball goes up, you don’t think about wRC+ or wOBA, or DRS or OAA, or xBA or xSLG.

When the 2.01-meter-tall Cruz makes perfect contact with a ball and sends a ripple through the confines of a cathedral, there’s really only one thought that comes to mind, one that brings back to the audience one of the reasons why they fell in love with the game:

Where is that ball going to land? On a chilly Tuesday afternoon at PNC Park, on a night the Pirates beat the New York Mets, 8-2, the answer was the Allegheny River. In just the 30th game of his career at North Shore, Cruz became the last left-handed slugger to send a ball into the deep end, a feat that many believed would eventually happen, including Cruz himself.

cross, who recorded the first three-hit game of his career, he had no doubt that the ball had gone off the bat. He was some way off Tommy Hunter’s curveball, but Cruz has a history of turning awkward swings back and forth. What Cruz wondered as the ball rolled through the Pittsburgh night was if he had enough height to clear the right-field seats.

He certainly hit the ball hard enough — 113 mph, to be exact — and it traveled 422 feet. But unlike Rodolfo Castro’s terrifying two-run homer in the third inning, which hung in the air for 6.6 seconds before hitting the right-field foul pole, Cruz’s line didn’t go too far.

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But he had enough, barely clearing the stands before bouncing into the river. A Mets fan, who had just watched his team lose by six runs, couldn’t help but raise both arms and let his jaw drop to the ground.

Raphael Martinez

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MLB: Out of the park! Rookie Oneil Cruz connects HR and the ball leaves the Pirates stadium