MLB: Noah Syndergaard says Angels flew high while NY Mets were distracted

The Los Angeles Angels from Anaheim signed Noah Syndergaard earlier this week, a move that came about due to fiery persecution from the main office. Syndergaard said the Angels they were the first team to contact him after the free agent period opened, and his own interest in Anaheim grew after a three-hour dinner with him Los Angeles General Manager Perry Minasian.

The executive presented detailed plans on various topics, including how the team would handle the right-hander’s innings in 2022, and some mechanical adjustments the Angels were looking to make based on their analysis of the Syndergaard tape, saying:

It was a breath of fresh air to hear that, to know his knowledge of baseball “, He was able to break down some of the failures that I had in the last two years … I trust that what they saw, they can fix it and I will go back to being my old self. “.

There was a lot of preparation at the Minasian end meeting as he said:

In terms of man hours, the amount of work we’ve done, I don’t know if I’ve ever done more on an individual player. “

The Angels had to be sure that Syndergaard made a full recovery after essentially missing two full seasons due to rehab from Tommy John surgery, and their offer also coincided with Syndergaard’s desire to re-enter the market next winter. with what you hope will be a full and healthy season under your belt.

Syndergaard said that while he initially hoped to stay with the Mets, “I haven’t heard much from them in the last two months from the end of the season until now.”

This lack of communication may have been the result of the Mets’ long search for a new bureau chief, and Syndergaard indicated that the constant drama surrounding the team influenced his decision to sign elsewhere:

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This is an important year for me. This is a defining moment for me. I didn’t want to bet on that kind of uncertainty that has been happening to them ”,

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MLB: Noah Syndergaard says Angels flew high while NY Mets were distracted