MLB News: Mets owner says his pockets don’t hurt after spending so much, ‘I’m used to it’

New York Mets right now they are the real one ‘Evil empire’ in MLB by spending more money than anyone in Major League history on contracts, adding to his payroll to an impressive $380 million by 2023, which totals to almost $500 million with the luxury tax. Obviously none of this would be possible. without owner Steve Cohen’s never-ending checkbook.

With a fortune of more than $20 billion, Cohen is the wealthiest owner in all of MLB and isn’t afraid to keep spending even after Correa’s signing, telling Jon Heyman he’s “not afraid of big numbers” because he’s used to, and still thinking about spending more money to win championships.

I’ve been dealing with big numbers for so long that it doesn’t scare me at all anymore. My team is good, but it’s not much better than last year, if you want a competitive team, that’s what it costs, what are you going to do about it then? I make good money, I have another job that allows me to live comfortably, it’s not like I’m losing.

The truth is that in the Mets of the Steve Cohen era, the sensations are completely different from what it was with the Wilpons.

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MLB News: Mets owner says his pockets don’t hurt after spending so much, ‘I’m used to it’