MLB News: Is the Dodgers considering keeping Trevor Bauer on their roster for 2023?

Major League Baseball announced last Thursday that the suspension without pay of right-hander Trevor Bauer it was reduced from 324 to 194 games, by order of the independent judge, Martin F. Scheinman. It should be remembered that Bauer was placed on administrative leave in July 2021 during his first year of contract with the dodgersafter breaking the regulation against domestic violence for an alleged sexual assault on a native woman from San Diego, California.

Sources close to the Dodgers, Bauer’s current club, revealed that the board had planned to release the 31-year-old starter, however, recently the Los Angeles Times columnist, Jack Harris, revealed in one of his articles that the angelina office would no longer be so sure to make that decision. Namely, They might not cut Bauer from the roster to keep him in the rotation facing the season 2023year in which your contract expires.

After the ruling in favor of Bauer, the Dodgers have a deadline until January 6 to make a final decision with the controversial pitcher, winner of the American League Cy Young Award in 2020, when he was a player for the Cincinnati Reds. .

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MLB News: Is the Dodgers considering keeping Trevor Bauer on their roster for 2023?