MLB: Most important elite players who would be part of the next free agency

All teams change free agency. Each outfit comes into March a little differently than the year before. We all have theories about the teams we think might be the most aggressive on the free market in the MLB this year. But it is important to remember that each team will have to make tough decisions, regarding some players who have been with them for years.

Below we will mention the elite ballplayers most important that could be part of free agency next winter along with Aaron Judge, Xander Bogaerts, Trea Turneramong others:

Red Sox: Xander Bogaerts, SS
The Red Sox will face several questions this offseason, including the possibility of Bogaerts exercising his option to opt out of his contract — something many think he will.

Yankees: Aaron Judge, OF
You’re likely to hear his name a lot this offseason.

Twins: Carlos Correa, SS
Although he has not had the superstar season that everyone expected, the Puerto Rican still hopes to get out of his contract to try the free market again.

Mets: Jacob deGrom, RHP
He’s back to his incredible form just in time for the postseason. He could get out of his contract and try the free market. He would do it together with his partner and Puerto Rican Edwin Díaz. It will be a busy offseason for the Mets.

Dodgers: Trea Turner, SS
Clayton Kershaw will always be the biggest name on the list, but Turner is still a superstar in the making, and he could have big moments in the postseason.

Cubs: Willson Contreras, C
The Venezuelan will be one of the most valued pieces in the market. However, because he wasn’t traded midseason, the Cubs will offer him a qualifying offer, which means the team that signs him will have to give up compensation in the amateur draft.

White Sox: Jose Abreu, 1B
Abreu has been through many ups and downs with the team during his nine years in Chicago. However, the Cuban remains a constant with the bat.

Rays: Corey Kluber, RHP
The two-time Cy Young winner hasn’t been anywhere near that form, but he has been healthy for most of the year; something he had not achieved since 2018.

Blue Jays: Ross Stripling, RHP
The Blue Jays look stable contract-wise for the next two or three seasons. Your core is secured for a while. But losing Stripling would be important, given how effective he has been in his last 16 starts.

Royals: Zack Greinke, RHP
Despite having one of the lowest strikeout rates in baseball, Greinke is still effective. The real question is whether the mound will want to play his 20th season in the major leagues.

Astros: Trey Mancini, 1B/OF
It could also be Michael Brantley. At the end of it all, he was the one who got hurt and the Astros had to look to Mancini to fill his void. Both veterans will be listed on the free market.

Giants: Joc Pederson, OF
Pederson is hitting lefties better than ever. That, along with him being called to the All-Star Game, could make him well valued in the market. Carlos Rodón is another important name

Rangers: Martin Perez, RHP
The Venezuelan has been one of the best pitchers in baseball this year. Who will bet that he will repeat what he is doing?

Braves: Dansby Swanson, SS
Another Bravo in the middle of a career season. Swanson is doing what he can to get the Braves to consider securing him for the long haul.

Parents: Josh Bell, 1B
The guy who came alongside Juan Soto in the deadline mega-trade would be a boon to any team looking for an impact bat.

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MLB: Most important elite players who would be part of the next free agency