MLB: Miguel Cabrera’s mark that equaled Juan Soto this 2022 (+Twit)

The outfielder for the San Diego Padres, Juan Soto, in his short career in the MLB has achieved really brilliant things, positioning his name alongside historic and legendary players. Recently, the Dominican hit his 25th home run of 2022 and tied a mark of nothing more and nothing less than Miguel Cabrera.

Soto although he has been off offensively with the San Diego teamon Sunday against the Arizona Diamondbacks he reached 25 strikes in the current course and begins to appear again with the wood, which is undoubtedly his specialty.

The record that the Dominican now has together with Cabrera is that he reached his third season in the Major Leagues with 25 or more home runs at the age of 23, this since 2000. In addition, his compatriot Albert Pujols also recorded three harvests of this guy in his career.

Miggy accomplished this in the 2004, 2005 and 2006 seasons when he was with the Florida Marlins. Him while he “Soto Pacheco” in 2019, 2021 and 2022.

The leader of this department in the Big Top is Mike Trout who achieved four seasons in the best baseball of 25 or more home runs before the age of 23.

Secondly, If the Padres aspire to play the next MLB Playoffs, they should bet that the 23-year-old Dominican will start to wake up with his powerful offense to contribute important things to the organization.which is why they brought him from the Washington Nationals.

In his first 38 games in San Diego, Soto has 29 hits in 131 at-bats, a .221 average, four homers, 12 RBIs and 24 runs scored.

While throughout 2022, his line is .239/.402.854, 113 hits, 25 homers and 58 chartered runs.

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MLB: Miguel Cabrera’s mark that equaled Juan Soto this 2022 (+Twit)