MLB: Miguel Cabrera begins a new stage in the final stretch of his career

Frederlin Castro

If there’s one thing Miguel Cabrera has shown during his Major League career, it’s to be a warrior on the diamond, despite the setbacks and injuries the Venezuelan has suffered.

But at 39 years of age and in his 20th season, the reduction in playing time seems to be a protagonist in the penultimate year of his contract and possibly his MLB career.

reduction begins

The week between August 8 and 14, Cabrera only saw action in three of six meetings. One of them had a singular chapter. On August 11 against Cleveland, he entered the ninth inning as a backup hitter and with two runners in scoring position and first base open, the Guardians decided to intentionally walk Cabrera. The two-time MVP was immediately replaced by backup hitter Kody Clemens, 13 years Cabrera’s junior.

All he had to do was walk out of the dugout, stand at home plate, take a leisurely 90-foot jog down the first-base line, and call it a day.

Injuries say present

Problems in his right leg have been a headache in the 2022 season, something that led manager AJ Hinch to use it with days off, or play only the first game of a doubleheader and the next day rest.

The legend of the Tigers comes from having a good first half in which he made merits so that the MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred chose him as a legend for the All-Star Game. However, the action on the diamond took a 360 ° turn for the Venezuelan after the frequent physical problems that he has presented recently, something that brought him to the brink of thinking about retirement in the current campaign.

Cabrera ends his contract with the Tigers next season and everything indicates that this will be the last season that we see him in the best baseball in the world.

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MLB: Miguel Cabrera begins a new stage in the final stretch of his career