MLB: Max Scherzer Not Considering Mets for Signing; wants to go to a ‘winning’ team

Max scherzer He is and will be one of the most sought-after players in the free agency market this year as multiple teams want to strengthen their rotation with him. However, the veteran would have already ‘closed the doors’ to New York Mets, as they would not consider signing with him having plans to go with a “winning” team on MLB.

Scott Boras, a recognized agent of Major League Baseball players, told SNY this day that Max Scherzer would not be close to signing with the New York Mets, since his client has great ambitions.

Boras said “Scherzer’s decisions are made based on wins and not geography,” implying that the level of competition for the Queens team is not what the pitcher wants.

New York Mets has not managed to ‘measure up’ in the MLB, putting as an example that neither this 2021 nor in 2020 it was managed to advance at the behest of the Playoffs despite the hires that were made to reinforce it.

Max Scherzer, meanwhile, excelled with the Washington Nationals and later with the Los Angeles Dodgers, having reached the National Championship Series with the latter and also earning the Cy Young nomination.

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MLB: Max Scherzer Not Considering Mets for Signing; wants to go to a ‘winning’ team