MLB: Is the Triple Crown still within reach of Vladimir Guerrero Jr.?

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. arrived at Big leagues as a highly publicized prospect with a Hall of Fame name. In 2021, it is making a name for itself. Guerrero’s great season features the Tiles in the AL Wild Card Hunter and Warrior in the MVP race against Shohei Ohtani. One thing that could tip the balance in your favor: a Triple Crown.

While batting average, home runs and RBIs may not have the same resonance as they once did, it is still a great achievement for a player to lead the American League or the National League in all three categories, the young Quisqueyano is in. way to win an award that no one has won since Miguel Cabrera in 2012: the Triple Crown.

Miguel Cabrera (Tigres 2012) is the only player to do so for the past 53 seasons, but Guerrero, who has drawn some comparisons to Miggy, has a chance.

Where is Vladimir Guerrero Jr. heading to the Triple Crown?

  • Batting average: .322, first in American League
  • Home runs: 46, tied for first in the American League (with Salvador Pérez)
  • RBIs: 105, tied for fourth in the American League (10 behind Salvador Pérez)

Should he accomplish the feat, the 22-year-old Guerrero would be the youngest official Triple Crown winner in American League / National League history, beating Williams, who in 1942 was in his 23-year season. (He turned 24 on August 30). Ty Cobb was just 22 when he led the American League in all three categories in 1909, including nine home runs, but that was before RBIs were an official statistic.

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