MLB: Incredible! Air stole Dodgers and Lux ​​draw

The night of October 11 will be remembered in the history of the Dodgers of the angels and of Gavin lux like the “night of the winds”. That silent 10th opponent, excellent fielder and best pitcher that the California team had against was unbeatable.

For the record, there is not so much of merit less for the rival pitching. Alex Wood was going to show that there is no worse wedge than the same suit. And the bullpen would put in big letters because they won 107 games in the regular season.

But it was a day in which one factor played a major role. In the very first entry we saw with amazement how Max Scherzer’s uniform was waving. And with more amazement as on one occasion that wind took him off balance after starting the pitching mechanic. A mechanic that “only” in 2021 tried 2811 opportunities in the regular season.

The 18 mph blowing from left field to right would play more of a trick.

In the seventh inning Giants outfielder Mike Yastrzemski hit a ball (104.6 mph and 21 degrees of departure angle) to the centerfield that after running at full gallop towards the fence Chris Taylor stopped and I need to retrace his steps to capture the ball. Some thought it was a spree of experience and innings played at the position.

At the end of that same inning, Chris himself hit the ball at 107 mph with a 23-degree outlet angle that after chasing it fell into the glove of the rival’s center fielder.

But the climax was in the ninth. With two outs and the game a score for zero, Gavin Lux felt in his hands that the home run was inevitable with his eyes closed. It was one of those hits in which the one in the batter’s box doesn’t even look up to say goodbye to the ball. Of those connections in which the pitcher sinks his eyes to the ground wondering why he threw that ball.

106.9 mph and 22 degrees of departure angle weren’t enough to beat the wind. Not even Steven Duggar imagined that when he flipped the ball it would be on his head.

To get an idea, in the 2021 season 62 hits of 106-107 mph and 22 degrees were connected as the angle of departure. Of them 55 were uncatchable. But the real number to understand Gavin Lux’s face is that of the 55 that weren’t put out, 38 were home runs.

But the night ended and the Dodgers knowing that the home run would be difficult did not make the necessary adjustments to generate the small game. And they blew a Max Scherzer start that might not be repeated in the same uniform as and how things are going.