MLB: Giants pitcher Alex Wood goes ‘for the jugular’ to commissioner Manfred

The press conference this Thursday of the commissioner of MLBRob Manfredhas given a lot to talk about, confirming the universal designated hitter from the 2022 season and that the owners will go to the negotiations on Friday with a “softer” hand with the players and the union, MLBPA. However, there are players who still apparently distrust Manfred and the owners quite a bit, like the pitcher of the San Francisco Giants, Alex Wood.

The pitcher, through his Twitter account, went to the jugular for commissioner Rob Manfred and the owners of the teams, saying that their intention has always been to spend less and what they seek is “not to be forced” to win. and to compete in the new joint contract that they want.

To be clear. MLB/owners want tougher penalties under joint contract. All the joint contract does is suppress spending and promote tanking (lose to get high draft picks). Aren’t fans tired of this? Don’t you want to see every team trying to win every year? The joint contract should be abolished, not increased.

Is there hope of a deal that can’t delay the season?

Gabriel Delgado

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MLB: Giants pitcher Alex Wood goes ‘for the jugular’ to commissioner Manfred