MLB: Best Players by Position in Yankees History

From El Fildeo we have given ourselves the task of enlisting each and every one of the best players in the history of the mythical New York Yankees for each position on the pitch.

Receiver: Yogi Berra

“The man with the rings” leads all receivers in the history of the Yankees in WAR with 63.8 according to Fangraphs, who as a batter was responsible for 358 home runs through 8355 plate appearances with the striped team. adorned with 1,430 RBIs and hitting .285 / .348 / .483.

On defense he had 44 TZ (Total Zone), only being surpassed by Elton Howard (44) among Yankees receivers.

Special mention: Bill Dickey.

First base: Lou Gehrig

Gehrig accompanied the Yankees per course of 2,164 games, leading all 1Bs in Yankees history by 116.3 WAR, who batted for career averages alongside “The Bombers” of .340 / .447 / .632 with 493 home runs and 1995 Rushed races.

Special mention: Don Mattingly.

Second base: Willie Randolph

Randolph had with the Yankees a step of 1694 games played, highlighting mainly the defense. He leads all 2Bs in Yankees history in WAR at 51.4, averaging .275 / .374 / .357 on offense with just 48 home runs and 549 RBIs.

On defense he had 97 TZ, being second for all 2B of the Bronx team, only surpassed in that section by Joe Gordon (103).

Special mention: Tony Lazzeri, Joe Gordon.

Third base: Alex Rodríguez

Arod in his 1509 games played as “Yankee” ranks as the career leader in WAR with 51.7 according to Fangraphs. Player who had .283 / .378 / .523 batting averages with 351 home runs and 1,096 RBIs.

He leads the defense of the 3B of the New Yorkers in Races Saved (9).

Special mention: Graig Nettles.

Shortstop: Derek Jeter

The eternal Yankees captain was one of the obvious picks on our list, starting from the WAR leader (73.1) among shortstop players who have played for the Yankees. Jeter accompanied the New Yorkers in 2,747 games, hitting .310 / .377 / .440 with 260 home runs and 1,311 RBIs.

Special mention: Phil Rizzuto.

Right Field (RF): Babe Ruth

Not having the Bambino is like not making the list, so it comes as no surprise that he arrives on the list as the highest representative of the Yankees in the RF of all history. Babe Ruth had a stake in 2,084 games with the Bombers, positioning himself as the leader among the team’s RF’s for his 149.9 WAR, who sows career averages of .349 / .484 / .711, along with 659 HR and 1975 RBI as a player. position alongside the Yankees.

Special mention: Tommy Henrich.

Center Field (CF): Mickey Mantle

Among the greatest representatives in the history of the Yankees, there is written the name of Mickey Mantle. He had participation in 2.01 games from the CF for the Yankees, leading in WAR by 112.3 according to Fangraphs, leaving the offensive line of .298 / .421 / .557, in addition to 536 homers and 1509 RBIs.

Special mention: Joe DiMaggio

Left field (LF): Babe Ruth… Who else willestuary?

Special mention: Charlie Keller (44.9 WAR player alongside the Yankees in 1066 games).

Designated Hitter (DH): Jason Giambi

Giambi served 897 games as the Yankees DH, hitting .260 / .404 / .521 with 209 home runs and 604 RBIs. According to Fangraphs, in a summation of all of Giambi’s lifetime offensive values ​​as DH, he had a record of 190.1 Off, the most among all DHs in the history of the American League as a whole.

Special mention: Hideki Matsui.

Starting Pitcher: Whitey Ford

Ford had 438 games started with the Yankees, a pitcher who wearing the striped uniform had 236 victories in his career with 106 losses. Among Yankees starting pitchers with more than 2000 innings, Whiter Ford has the lowest ERA with 2.75, being the same as the lowest batting average of his opponents allowed with only .232, while with a LOB% of 77.9% he was the pitcher. Yankees starter with highest percentage of runners left on base not allowing touchdowns with more than 2,000 innings pitched.

Reliever: Mariano Rivera

Did you expect another? “Mo Rivera”, who during 19 campaigns in his career in Big leagues (all with the Yankees), had lifetime records from 652 saves, an ERA of 2.21, receiving from his rivals a batting average against only .209, while a strikeout differential for each walk of 17.4%, being one more a staggering 80.4% lifetime percentage of runners on base who finished without scoring.

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MLB: Best Players by Position in Yankees History