MLB: Astros fan collects money to pay for Carlos Correa’s mega contract

If there is a player who has been playing enormously in these playoffs of MLB without a doubt it is the Puerto Rican Carlos Correa of ​​the Houston Astros, who is becoming perhaps the best free agent available at the end of this season with their great performances, and while the Astros aren’t out of the running by signing it again, you will surely ask for a lot of money to stay and in the city they love him so much that even the fans are raising money to keep him.

Astros fan Bianca Lara told ABC Houston’s Adam Winkler that she started a campaign on the GoFundMe platform to raise $ 28 million to help the Astros renew Carlos Correa, considering that he is “part of the family” and that he Boricua must stay in Houston.

There is something about it, whether you know it or not, it makes your day every time we see it on television. So you know, it’s like he’s part of the family, so we need to keep him here, as well as his celebration: It’s time for you to earn your money, it’s time for your legacy to stay in Houston.

However, perhaps the campaign is more to raise awareness and be able to bring food to the table of those most in need, since Lara mentions that her campaign is called “Hungry for more Championships” and promised that every dollar raised will go to stop at the Houston Food Bank and not Correa’s pockets.

Gabriel Delgado

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MLB: Astros fan collects money to pay for Carlos Correa’s mega contract