Miguel Cabrera spoke of the possible triple crown of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in the majors

The Venezuelan slugger Miguel Cabrera spoke of the possible Triple Crown from the dominican Vladimir Guerrero Jr. on the MLB.

Indeed Cabrera, who is the winner of the Triple Crown of batting in 2012 in the Major Leagues with the Detroit Tigers, spoke of the possibility that Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who is playing with the Toronto Blue Jays, has of winning the Triple Crown in this season.

I would not want to be in his shoes, because it is a pressure that is experienced daily. I think that if he’s going to win it, I’m his father’s brother, I’ve known him since I was little. I would like him to accomplish the feat this year. “

As is well known, Vladimir Guerrero is in a fierce fight to obtain the triple crown of batting with the Toronto Blue Jays in the American League, who in turn are in contention for a postseason berth.

Vladimir Jr. has the leadership of the batting and home run departments in the American League with 313 and 45 respectively, but he is with 103 RBIs, being only 9 away from at least equaling that department that Salvador PĂ©rez has, which looks somewhat difficult more not impossible.

Miguel Cabrera is the latest reference to that feat, when he won the batting, home runs and RBIs title in the majors in the 2012 harvest, thus completing a feat that had not been seen since 1967 with Carl Yastremski.

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In fact, there were days of great pressure around Miguel, since the fans were pending of such a feat, since you have to concentrate on not slowing down the batting rhythm, while fighting for home runs and RBIs, where the latter does not depend. only of the player, but that his teammates get on base, so that he can bring the races, where hopefully he can quickly increase that figure so that he does not miss the goal.

What if it is a fact that for Miguel the goal of Vladi Jr. is possible, being the most authorized voice to speak on the subject, in his condition as the last triple crowned in the Major League ball, which would be a joy for him. Latin American baseball, that we have another brother with such an achievement alongside the Venezuelan.