Miguel Cabrera gets one hit from 3,000 and equals Albert Pujols record

The Venezuelan of the Detroit Tigers, Miguel Cabrera has just tied a record of the Dominican Albert Pujols in the Major Leagues – MLB after going 4-3 against the New York Yankees.

Through this Wednesday’s game between tigers Detroit and New York Yankees Miguel Cabrera connected three hits and in this way he reached 241 meetings in the Big leagues of this type, equal to Albert Pujols who also has that number, according to ESPN’s Marly Rivera report.

Law of a hit

In this game against the Yankees, Miggy had a day where he went 4-3, reaching 2,999 career hits in the MLB and 12 in the 2022 season, being just one hit away from reaching the historical figure of the 3,000.


Matched Horses

In addition, Cabrera and Pujols are together with Honus Wagner tied for 30th position in the ranking of players with the most games of 3 or more hits since 1901. The 3 with 241 games, without a doubt something historic for these two Latinos who after their retirement of the MLB, we will see them in the Cooperstown Hall of Fame for such a brilliant career.

Hit with which tied Pujols

Cabrera and Pujols have many things in common, so it’s silly to compare them, you just have to enjoy these two horses that have changed the game in the MLB and that, in addition, each one is synonymous with history for their countries, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.


In addition, the Dominican and the Venezuelan will soon be together in the 3000 hits and 500 home runs club, which further magnifies their brilliant and successful careers in the MLB.

Albert Pujols

The Dominican has 3,308 lifetime hits, 681 home runs, 2,154 RBIs, 1,877 runs scored and a .297 average.


Miguel Cabrera

Miggy has 2,999 hits, 502 home runs, 1,807 RBIs, 1,510 runs scored and a .310 AVG.

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Miguel Cabrera gets one hit from 3,000 and equals Albert Pujols record