Miguel Cabrera as if he will be the last to reach the 3,000 hits club

With so many reference players and stars, the Venezuelan of the tigers from Detroit, Miguel Cabreracould be the last player in history to reach the 3000 hits in the Major Leagues – MLB.

Luis Cedeño, from El Béisbol Salsero, reported that Miguel Cabrera could be the last player in the history of all Major Leagues to reach the magic number of 3,000 hits, taking into account the current status of the game and also the age of many others. referents who are active as professionals in the best baseball in the world.


Cedeño’s explanation on this subject is that because sabermetrics has evolved MLB baseball and where what prevails is power, both pitchers and hitters, Cabrera may be the last player to reach a historic number of hits and this because players who currently have good records, I would not give them the time (in terms of age) to reach this number.

Players close to 3000 hits

  • Miguel Cabrera (2,987) – 38 years old (Very surely he will reach 3,000 in the upcoming 2022 season)
  • Yadier Molina (2,112) – 39 years old
  • Joey Votto (2027) – 38 years old
  • Nelson Cruz (1913) – 41 years old
  • José Altuve (1777) – 31 years old

The first three mentioned in this list, possibly play one or two more years in the MLB and are far from 3000 hits in that time, in which case one who could fight to achieve it will be AstroBoy, who is currently one of the best hitters in baseball and paints for big things.

Cabrera’s lifetime numbers

For life in the Majors, Cabrera has a total of 2,987 hits, 502 home runs, 1,804 RBIs, 1,505 runs scored and a lifetime average of .310, numbers that will surely rise in 2022 and will allow him in the future to be a member of the Hall of Fame Cooperstown.

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Miguel Cabrera as if he will be the last to reach the 3,000 hits club